quadrazid's runs collected


Half-Life Single-segment in 32:55 Info
32:55 demo, youtube
33:37 demo
35:21 demo, youtube
38:57 demo

Opposing Force in 19:23
Downloads, info

Blue Shift in 25:03
by quadrazid and rayvex
Downloads, info

Blue Shift Single-segment 31:22
scriptless, hard difficulty

Opposing Force Single-segment 29:06
scriptless, easy difficulty

Half-Life: No Jump - Unfinished Speedrun, highlights, approximate 42 minutes
by quadrazid and igor

Half-Life Hazard Course in 2:45 (2:42,26)
by quadrazid and rayvex

Half-Life Hazard Course in 2:18.06
Download, 60fps H264. Thanks to MadMan/coolkid for host

Half-Life: Uplink in 2:21

Half-Life: Case closed in 9:32

They Hunger (part 1) in 5:35

Half-Life: Decay in 26:28
2-Player coop run by FELip, igor, quadrazid, Zhouy and rayvex

High Quality **#1 / #2 634.14 MiB
Medium Quality #1 / #2 461.37 MiB
More info…

Have fun :>


Nice man :smiley:


Really impressive stuff. What else have you got up your sleeve? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks man :slight_smile:
What I got up my sleeve? It is a secret, which is soon to be revealed… :>


I know what it is :wink:


Wut is it?


I also know :>


well, i kind of mentioned it over at SDA lol ;>
it’s been over three months since we submitted it :<
it’s a segmented hazard course run :>


:smiley: Can’t wait.


Good God O_O


I just watched the run over at SDA and I’m mighty impressed by the run! It was great to see that there’s even some new strategies and tricks used in the run, which is kind of surprising considering the short lenght of the hazard course.

Top notch work by you and rayv3x, very impressive! :slight_smile:

…and don’t forget to add the hazard course run to this thread.


Woah! Thanks for enlighten me about the SDA update, been quite a while since we submitted it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very glad you liked it :slight_smile: I’ve been around SDA for some time now and finally got my first run up!

There is still some minor improvements I can think of, like the trick to skip the ladder at 1:06 in Timmeh’s TAS project. And also more segments at the pipe-sections and maybe in the long segment. But I doubt that the SDA time (segment penalty) will get lower than this :slight_smile:


That TAS is amazing so I was ofcourse pretty skeptic of when I viewed your run since I just love TAS’ for some reason. But when I watched it, it was awesome! So much damage boosts! Yours was faster right? :smiley:




Holy shit…that was entertaining.


ROFLOL ;D Who could guess that it’s even possible to finish the game without jumping?


Awesome! 8)

Do you unbind space (or we key you use) when you do this? I have found when I try to do similar things I always hit the key i mustn’t hit from reflex anyway >_>

edit: Some of the “tricks” you use are fucking genius! This was really amazing to watch.


Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. We had a great time recording it as it really made Half-Life refreshing (at least for me) without a spacebar. I wouldn’t mind starting a new one/complete the current one but I’m such a lazy bum so I probably won’t do it, it’s up to quadrazid if you guys want to see a full run :wink:

I did not unbind my jump bind as I was pretty swift with adapting to this new style but quadrazid unbind his.

If someone wants to play around with OP4/BS no jump that’d be pretty cool, we’ve done some OP4 and it was pretty fun.


Haha that was so weird to watch, I kept thinking that “You could just jump over that obstacle… oh right, it’s a No jump speedrun!” :smiley: Looks sick though, some of the tricks/routes you used were really creative and fun to watch. The run has the same kind of feel as the “Crowbar run” that was made a few months ago, adding restrictions to make the game more challenging. Great work! ;D

It’s not complete? How much is finished? I was kind of hoping of seeing the later xen levels as well, but then I realized that those levels have lower gravity so it should be even easier to complete them without jumping.

Also don’t be silly, there is no such thing as “too much julmust”…


I’m glad you guys liked it as well. It was really challenging to figure out the very odd routes that we was forced to tåke.

The run ended at the Black OP room in Lambda Core, the last demo i the video.

And Dale somehow reminded me of something that I’ve had uploaded for over a year (unlisted).
Youtube videos of the first 21 minutes of the NoJumpRun:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41bCh4-iGsg
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCCs-9obbk

Now go play OP4NoJump, it’s a real challenge :smiley: