put portalcanteven in the sourceruns twitch team


do it.
he has 8:56 portal oob and is currently
okay y’know what
just doit


The twitch team currently has no administrator user in it, meaning nobody can be added into the team. It’s likely we’ll just dissolve the team since a lot of us don’t see a use for it, either that or we’ll make a new one and add the people we see fit.

does this portalcanteven user have a presence here at sourceruns to begin with? that should be the main thing


Also why isn’t the guy who wants to join posts?


he has a run on sourceruns youtube channel and also peroculos is in the team and he has 0 presence here


He was part of the Portal Unity run.


He does and he’s not just anyone he has wr on aperture tag 8:56 portal oob and 13:43 inbounds and he’s working at oob wr


yea but why does he want to have a small amount of text on his twitch profile???


Why is this discussion even still going on? We can’t do anything about it. I personally would add him if I could.


tbh that “SourceRuns” is p fkn cool.


Can someone who is already in the group just email or tweet twitch support already? Every time this twitch group is brought up nothing is done about it.



I’m going to get the team transferred.