proposal to make a no under-elevator strat category?


In all honesty this suggestion is completely based on opinion. And I personally feel like under elevator ruins the entertainment value of running portal. So i’m making a proposal to create a third category that is running the game and allowing oob rules, just not allowing under-ele.

here’s my argument for it:

I feel like under-ele is cheap, and after figuring out how to do it, it completely removed all entertainment value. I (did) enjoy running portal oob up to the point that i would use under ele strats and then it just lost its value. because its repeating the same exact strat on the same location on every level. and at that point you dont even really see the inside of the game. And i dont really feel like its even running the game at that point. sure its faster but it kinda milks the game dry. So this is me trying to pressure people into finding strats that will work just as quickly without under-ele.

I’d like to hear peoples honest opinions on this. Really.


Proposal to stop making all these fucking proposals for categories nobody wants.


There is one thing you could do:
Run OoB anyway. If you’ve seen portal done Por, you know that most of the strats are not under elevator, just a few. So If you started doing these ridiculously hard (but still faster) strats, it would be harder, but it would definitely be more entertaining.
As for your proposed category, it seems absurd to make a seperate category that’s exempt to a strategy. Perhaps a no-pdr category would be entertaining, I would run it, (the portal leaderboards already have a category that literally nobody runs, if they got rid of that it would make the world a better place) but it’s likely not something that has any place in the community, or makes sense to the higher-up guys.
And BitRain, that happened, like, twice at most. Unless you actually have something to say arguing against his point, (which I’m sure you do, you just didn’t put it in your response) don’t post. It’s pretty much just clutter that way, PJC’s told me and others that billions of times.


Dude. I’m just trying to help those that don’t like under elevator. I know at least a few people switched to running inbounds over it.

Also, not quite sure what pdr stands for. I assume p stands for portal.


PDR stands for Portal Destruction re-entry. This is a list that includes
Portal Bisection fall-through re-entry
Portal Quick Re-entry
Fizzler Re-entry
Trigger re-entry (used only in chamber 04, a trigger fizzles your portals)
But that’s not important. What’s important is that no one is gonna go for this, for obvious reasons. I’m one of the people that switched to inbounds over it, OoB would be more entertaining without under elevator but I’m glad it exists because it makes runs faster, and to me that’s really what’s important.


Well, how does one go about re-entry without doing any of those things? I’d be willing to run that. But I think I’m gonna put it out there that I plan to find some strats to fuck over under elevator


Some sort of a legacy oob category doesn’t sound like a bad idea imo.


Not many people run OoB in the first place. We got maybe 3 runs in the past month and a half so I wouldn’t believe that many people would run a category where the only resiction is that you are not allowed to shoot a portal in a certain place. Other Legacy categories like No OoB make more sense since they banned entire glitches. Saying “you are not allowed to shoot a portal into this place specifically” doesn’t sound like a good enough justification to me.

Besides, you don’t need an official category to play the game in a certain way. Just because there is no category that makes your way of playing viable doesn’t mean that you can’t play the game that way. If you really want to run OoB without going under elevators I would say just go for it, there’s nothing stopping you.

So you are saying that this one category (that is hidden under Misc. so you can’t even see it) bothers you and everyone else so much that it makes your life worse? You are saying that if a category that you are in no way related to nor affected by would not exist would make you happier? I don’t know where your hate for certain things comes from but my advice is that you keep that to yourself in the future since it doesn’t seem to be well received by other community members. If you don’t actually hate everything that is not in your interests I would suggest that you don’t talk about it like it’s the worst and most negative thing in the world.


“If you want to make a category, do runs on your own, then make it popular, then I think we might reconsider adding a new category” => This is true for every game and every category; if it’s unpopular, don’t do a new category.


So you got all that hateful, negative emotion out of a sarcastic joke I made? 23 cubes was the category I’m referring to and it has 1 run in it (last time I checked) and hasn’t gotten one recently (again, last time I checked) and I’m aware that it’s under misc, but my point in bringing that up was that it wouldn’t be terrible to replace that or something like it with a more reasonable category, even though it is a misc tab. Misc tabs can get cluttered too. I’m sorry for whatever I did that made you want to ridicule me so much.


Ok. Well, new goal. Beat the current Oob record without under elevator.


totally impossible you are just ridiculous ._. by not doing them you lose a ton of time and the actual wr is really good (at least with actual starts)


You do understand how old this post is right? Currently my goal is 9:30 with only doing under ele strats for the cube chamber. I’m at 10:15 now so I think I can do it.

After that I’ll learn under ele strats and go for wr.