Proposal to ban AAG and LAG in Legacy


I am a french runner of Portal.
You might know me from saying a few bullshits in different chats.
I don’t like the LAG and AAG in Legacy.
I admit it, I hate it.
But you see, it’s easier without LAG and AAG.
LAG and AAG are really new stuffs and I believe it’s not part of the “Legacy spirit”.
Here are some quotes from my speed-friendz :

FnzzyToday at 1:41 PM I think the whole game is too hard I will make TASes for every chamber I want to help everyone with this!
MarshmallowToday at 1:40 PM it would make it easier though you cant fault him there
SunsetBear It's ridiculous and unnecessary.
FnzzyToday at 1:56 PM you know what's funny? PackSciencesToday at 1:56 PM No Do you ? FnzzyToday at 1:56 PM certain LAGs and AAGs give you save glitch statuses so it would be very reasonable to ban them from legacy

[spoiler]Warning, these quotes might not say what you think it does mean.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Also, I fucking like SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACES .[/spoiler]

[spoiler][glow=red,2,300]This thread is a parody of another thread that is getting really popular for nothing (even though I still hate LAG and AAG) and the main aim of this thread is to make fun about the other one; however you can still give your opinion on banning LAG and AAG in Legacy if you agree with me, please put a like, a subscribe, donate and stuffs.[/spoiler]

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This isn’t helpful in the slightest; don’t post another topic like this again. Locked.