Hi im new to sourceruns and stuff.I feel out of place because I have never done a speedrun but I bought halflife just about the same day dwahmov came out on utubes which got me interested in speedruns. hope to do a speedrun in teh future but not sure how far. I am terrible at language hope u no angry about my sentence structure


Hey pron, welcome!

Which Half-Life are you interested in running?


I would like to run half life 2 at some point. I saw there audio commentary and How they where talking about the engines and I have steampipe and i have been searching the forums and I couldn’t find someplace to acquire the older engine.

#4 for pre-steampipe HL2


I sent you a PM 2 days ago.


Welcome to forums.
I personally recommend take a look at this route for new engine made by Gocnak.