problems with insane quality

regardless of what programs I have installed, media player classic, ffdshow, and vlc, i can’t get the insane quality to play properly…it works for the most part in vlc, but it skips right at the beginning of the coast segment and crashes the programi can’t get a video in media player classic at all, regardless of whether i use the newer version of ffdshow or the one included with the file…help!how are people who are successfully watching the insane quality one doing it?

I use VLC, It works just fine for me.How fast processor and how much RAM do you have?

amd 3800+ x2 overclocked to 2.6ghz, 2gb of ram… :blink:

i got a proggy that opens the video and searches if you have all the right codec’s(if not than it downloads em) ill see if i can dig it out when i got time