Prey - Done Quick?

Are you guys planning to do a Prey : Done Quick video? I am already working on it myself, the first half of the game is done in 39 mins and I’m uploading the video to Google Video now. :smiley:

Seems like a pretty boring game to speed run. I’ve been getting into Quake: Done Quick. Or atleast I am going around the maps looking for jumps/routes. Its damn fun. I havn’t watched QDQwaV yet, so I don’t know the routes :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, I have made a quick run of Prey. This is Part One, it features roughly half of the game done quick. I could do better but this half of the game is done in 39 minutes. I used several tricks to speed through some parts although I’m sure hardcore speed-runners will find some extremely cool tricks in the near-future.…01&hl=en-GBI will upload Part Two when it is finished.What do you think? Thank You,Harry Callaghan - A.K.A - Harry-UK

incorrect link

Here is the correct link (right?):…3101&q=Harry-UK(I just searched for Harry-UK)And aren’t you the guy who called yourself “Harry101” at our “old” forums? You did the “Gordon speaks” video right? If so: Welcome back! :lol: …also your play style reminds me of him, I bet you’re him! :stuck_out_tongue: I just watched the entire video, even though I haven’t played Prey more then the demo at a friends house.The speedrun you have done is pretty good, especially since it’s done on the hardest difficulty (or was this run on another difficulty?). There were maybe a few places where you could have been a bit more aggressive I think, but still a good play.3 things:1. Prey is based on the Quake 4 engine which has strafe-jump, I can’t play Prey but I believe it also has it - this would speed up the overall gameplay. (if you’re unfamiliar with it: Strafe-jump )2. I think it also should have wallstrafe. Again: I can’t test these things myself, but I think it has it. Basically: When you walk in a corridor, look forward but strafe against a wall. So to wallstrafe towards your right wall, go forward and press right strafe (normally D).3. At 30:21 you come to a “gravity walkpath”-pussel. I think you can gain a bit of time by activating the “gravity walkpath” (?) with the spirit-body and then switching back to the normal body - instead of walking back again. (not many seconds though :stuck_out_tongue: ) this trick was mentioned in SDA’s Prey speedrun thread:QUOTE If you need to go somewhere to press switches and must return then, you can use your spirit body instead.Here is the SDA thread by the way, some tricks and such have been discussed.SDA’s Prey thread!I think your run was good! I’m not sure if I will watch the second part since that one probably contains more spoilers, and I’m still thinking of playing the game.QUOTE Also, watch these Quake (I and II) videos to see the most amazing speedruns ever:I:…3693402&q=quakeII:…7689613&q=quakeI hadn’t seen Quake 2 Done Quick before, I read about it on SDA but I don’t remember the reason why these guys didn’t strafejump…oh well, still a very impressive run!

QUOTE (DaleLewill @ Jul 21 2006, 03:31 PM)Aren’t you the guy who called yourself “Harry101” at our “old” forums? You did the “Gordon speaks” video right? If so: Welcome back! Your play style also reminds me of him, I bet you’re him! :PYou are right! :DI made that video as a joke, I have actually done a lot of quality work since then - videos, skins, models and a few other speed-runs.Also, thanks for pointing out the dead link, I have fixed it now. :slight_smile:

“why these guys didn’t strafejump” - Yeah, wtf. They strafe jump and wallride, but they don’t bhop.Or were some of those jumps not even strafe jumps?Wierd shit man…