Felt this was in need of a topic.

Exec, DarkEvil, and I have been running a mod called “Precursor” and it’s quite the mod. It’s running on current source engine, so we’re using ABH as our means of speeding around. It’s mapped very well, and just an overall beautiful mod. And it has some open areas, especially the last two maps…

…Which means there’s going to be some fun ABH launches somewhere in here. :wink:

Check the mod out:
Mod Homepage
ModDB link

I’m going to estimate this mod to be completed in a time of about 9 - 10 minutes, and in about 15 segments. Done.


That looks like a decent mod downloads and plays


Looks like a neat mod. I’ll definitely have to try it out.


Yeah, we’re on Phase 2 already, so if everyone wants to run - it’s about time to join.


I finished playing through it earlier today, there are some nice open areas that should make for some excellent ABH segments.


Looks interesting, I’ll give it a play when I get a moment to myself.


Finally done.

Thanks everybody who tried it, your effort wasn’t wasted. Well, not all of it atleast.


Sent the maker/mapper (Patrick Murphy) an email showcasing our run, and here’s his response:

Hello Gocnak,

This is outlandish, crazy, silly… and I love it!

That jump early in the video combined with the two towards the end are just pure gold.

Fine work, good sirs - fine work. I’ll be sure to link it around. :slight_smile: Send my regards to the other runners!

Kind regards,



My segments are awesome. Oh, wait…