Power Up w/o skipping the tram or the gate



I’ve seen speedruns of PU without skipping the tram so I decided to do this just for fun. Please call me out on being silly/missing an obvious time saver/being bad at games.


No, not bad at all. You probably haven’t seen my take on it. Very similar.

Something I’d Like to see is more Office Complex runs w/o door trick. Think Frizzio have done it. It’s time for a PC run. Anyone?


Pretty neat trick at 0:51, didn’t know about it.

Segmented or Single-Segment?


Very good :slight_smile:


That dude that did the sv_accelerate 100 speedrun in 28 minutes has one with neither the scientist door skip nor the barney skip.


Do you think it would be possible to beat Half-Life in 30 minutes w/o major skips?


Define ‘major skips’. Like, intended route?


Define ‘intended route’


I actually thought a bit about a no major skips run, but you would have to skim through the route and arbitrarily decide what constitutes a “major skip” as mentioned above. It might end up not looking very different from the standard speedrun route apart from a few chapters, so at the moment I’d rather do individual chapter runs like this one instead.

Also I actually hadn’t seen your video quad: very cool as always.


The way I see it, a majorskips-less speedrun rules would be:

[ul][li]Complete all maps in the game (not sure about Lambda Core sublevels)[/li]
[li]Do not use any NPC Abuse skips[/li]
[li]No button pressing through walls[/li]
[li]Do not use any Triggerdelays, obviously[/li]
[li]Do not go Out of Bounds (water parts or places the player is not supposed to climb to). This might eliminate Snark Climbing trick, too.[/li]
[li]Complete main objectives of the map (c2a5 dam stuff for example)[/li][/ul]

I think you could use Damage Boosting and Collision Boosting to skip minor parts of the level.

EDIT: This topic is really interesting. I feel like planning the whole game now :expressionless:


Yeah it is pretty problematic matter. Me and coolkid did a race once. I finished first at 01:26:58. Following those rules: http://pastebin.com/sRRTCEZ1
Even with generous rules, I don’t think 30 min would possible. Seeing how SW’s run is 29:41 with plenty of “major skips”.
Testchamber 40s, Office 40s, Hostiles ~2min, Lambda waterboost 1min,
Xen teleporter 2min.

For a more serious full game run, one would have to do what Freechip said.
It would sure be an interesting speedrun.

Your choice.


Ive seen a lot of single segmented Power Up speedrun, but not a single segmented one. So i made it by myself.


On the 10th second there is an awfull save/load sequence.

P.S Jumpbug is too op






very nice!


I had to read that three times before I understood. I feel slow.[/quote]


That was delicate.

Nice run!


While talking to a friend about your run he told me these. Refer to this

There are 2-3 pushable crates here, once you’ve broken the middle one

then by giving a small push (not pull) from the side you can move the two crates around. You can then bring one of the crates at ~1800 ups using optimal +use spam script. Then delay the upcoming trigger_changelevel, finally doing a full speed boost before entering the next map.

You can also bring another crate down the toxic pit

Then bring the crate with you at ~1800 ups, do another trigger_changelevel delay, then final boost en route to the control room.


Sounds like a TAS project, for you : >


Grunts are still not very nice with us, unfortunately.