Post your interesting/obscure/cool stuff.


Interesting/obscure/cool as in “not your every day item”, or stuff with an interesting history.

I’ll start with my pair of pilot earphones from the 1970’s used in DC10s, these are pretty cool because of the suction they have, you put them on and they suck all the air out of your ears, I’m pretty sure this is to counter pilot’s ears from being hampered by pressure changes, so they don’t risk missing out on any ATC messages.
They work on PCs with an adapter but the sound quality is dreadful.

I also have a Russian GP-7 gas mask from the 70’s, likely the same model used during the Chernobyl cleanup. A lot of people fear these things have asbestos in the filters but as far as I know it’s a myth and was only used in really, really old gas masks from <1950s.

I also have this 3.5GB IDE hard drive from 1998, I have no idea if it works or what’s on it, but I’m going to say it’s probably got Windows 98 on it.

Here’s a comparison between a 500GB laptop hard drive from 2014 and this ancient beast.

So yeah, show of your cool stuff!


this is my old pc setup :

ram : 512 mo , HDD 25 Go

here is the wifi card :

and this is what i call MULTIMEDIA :

This computer is older than me btw x)


<reserved spot for a windows 2000 laptop I have. Uses an adapter for the internet and has to be directly connected to the modem> (not near my pc)


Okay, why are we only posting laptops? If you’re going to post about something at least show us, otherwise there’s no point.


I was gonna post pictures. I just havnt had a chance yet.


I always wanted a gas mask like that. :slight_smile:


I’ve always had this around. I have no idea why. Maybe I’ll buy a floppy drive someday and boot it up.


is that a windows 95 boot disc? Jesus.




I thought a Magnavox was built into a screen, is that like a separate console version or something?


I feel like this should pass up as “not your everyday item”, because it’s autistic and I never wear it.



no its not even the console, an RF modulator
(a compostite to channels 3 or 4 converter)


Oh I thought it was this


Selfmade with vacum form. About 25cm diameter.