I’m in the middle. My babe is to the left, my right in that picture.
Aww yeah.
I wanna see all of your ugly mugs.


Some photos from the military, my most awesome era.

I’m the one to left here.

And here I’m in the middle.


my girlfriend took this picture out of nowhere when we were vacationing in new york


I went to facebook for a picture of myself, but then I saw that the last clear picture taking of me dates from 3 years ago. That’s not very representative, so I will keep this post mempty


Josh, fix that fucking link.

Also: Bonus. Z1m is closest to the camera, I’m the idiot with his eyes closed.




Zim visited Sweden and realised that Europe is really aryan.


There’s probably going to be more by next week, but here.

From left to right: Centaur1um, Chloe (TealDragon), Wheel5.


Rotate pls.


Just turn your monitor upside down


It’s too large! :d


Go to Australia. Maybe that will help.


˙noʎ ʎoɹʇsǝp ןןıʍ ı


I don’t feel like I am worthy of this shirt

also I’m not black


Great shirt, and I must say you wear it worthily.


Thanks! Oh man I have Quad’s blessing now maybe I’ll be good at Half-Life is that how it works


yeah, it is


Coolkid is wearing that shirt at AGDQ right now :expressionless: