Possible TSA Strat and Other Stuff


Some more ideas and strats I’ve been working on. Hopefully now with working videos!
Two of these strats are focused around rocket jumps, the reason being because that’s literally all i can come up with. Either way, they’re fun and I hope you enjoy them.

Also none of these are “complete” strats. As in health and ammo are somewhat but not entirely accounted for.

A grenade+rocket launch for c17_07:

A possible TSA pod skip strat (This was done with timescale at .1)
Regular speed> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0uFescfdB_NbzlWRU1iSWlMVEk/edit?usp=sharing
At .1 Timescale> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0uFescfdB_NYzZYR0NCSTVFOTg/edit?usp=sharing

In this strat, the grenade is thrown through the opening in the wall, using a setup on the ground and aiming at the top left corner of the window. Then switching as fast as possible to the rocket, I rocket jump at a specific timing to land on the front ramp of the platform. At this point the grenade needs to be next to me or slight behind me as i ABH off the slope to gain air a fraction of a second before the grenade goes off and launches me all the way to the end. I did not use an ABH script for this strat.

The way the i recorded it, made it so i had to manually slow the video down after the demo so it’s easier to see what’s going on.

And finally, here’s an idea for prison_01 that can hopefully be developed enough to actually work. As of right now though I’m not sure if the table in prison_01 can actually be used to clip.


Please feel free to incorporate your own ideas, your criticism is welcome. Thank you.


Haha, that citadel_01 strat is nice. Why TSA though? Looks doable in a normal run. Also reminds me of all those smoke strats in CS:GO where you aim at something to get a good grenade pos.

The prison_01 clip idea is pretty cool, looks definitely possible, especially with the new propclip trick.

EDIT: Don’t you have to wait in prison_01 for something in order to trigger the changelevel to the next map?


For the prison_01 strat you can’t use normal doors to make the table lose collision which is required if you want to get stuck in the table and save/load down. If that’s what your idea was. We’re looking into which props we can use in prison_01 to essentially do the same thing by just getting stuck into them, similarly to how people have got stuck in pallets.

You just need to hit the trigger inside the last room exec, that starts the timer for the level change.

EDIT: Also I’m not sure what that citadel_01 strat accomplishes. It looks about as fast as the route people use in runs with a lot more health loss. Also to add to that you need to bring an object to the level load so you can do the pod ride skip in the next map. So either you can use a grenade and just try to damage boost your way to the end or use a supply crate like they did in Dwahmov. If you use a grenade you would really need to preserve ammo and health/suit for all the damage boosts you need to do, haven’t really looked into that but it seems doable.


Is there something special you have to do to the pallet? If not you could use it to skip the cutscene at the start of coast.


You just need to jump into it and have it rotate into you while you get stuck in it. It’s really random so I doubt it will be used in RTA runs ever. But the problem with town_05 is that you don’t have a wall so doing the pallet clip will be a lot harder. One thing we could do is bring another prop so we can rest the pallet on that prop and then it would probably be doable.


Really the only thing it accomplishes is looking pretty cool and technical. As is why i think it, at most, belongs in a TSA run where cool looking strats can be pulled off without having to worry about screwing them up. However, What I’d really like to see eventually is a sort of TSA-like run but instead of using the fastest strats; the goal would be to use the shutter “swaggest” strats out there. A run like that is where the best use of it would be.

And that’s a shame that you can’t use regular doors to make props lose collision. I’d imagine there’d be many more cool save glitch strats if you could.

Another reason for it being a TSA strat, other than what I said to Jukspa, is that It is a VERY technical strat and majorly relies on a kind of suedo-RNG for where the grenade will land. I have probably around 90 attempts at it using a .1 timescale alone. I don’t even want to comprehend how many tries it would take to do it in real time. However, if it’s possible with timescale then I suppose it can be done.