Possible time save on surface tension?


hey guys praise here while i was practicing surface tension in the room with all the mines i came across something that ive never seen done before. if you object boost and gain max speed you do not trigger the trip mines. here a short video of me showing it https://youtu.be/Q-kmZI4I484


Hey! This is a know thing :>. To take it further you can adjust your fps to increase the chance of not triggering the tripmine. I set my fps to 4.5.

See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spEMysGYAKY&nohtml5=False

Lowering fps basically makes you teleport :>


while that is already around i was thinking of it more as to get a much larger burst of speed allowing you to just glide through the whole level rather then changing fps because of the immense speed you get from object boosting


The optimal fps for “teleporting” is 19.5, anything lower is either the same or worse (due to command splitting). 4.5 should be same if I’m not mistaken.