Possible new propboost strat with palette board.


I don’t know if I’m the first to find this, but if you got a pallet board, stood directly on top of it and performed the necessary actions for a wallclimb WHILE looking down and rotating around 360 a few times and then in the opposite direction, this seems to keep the player boosting on the prop because you would be picking up the object from multiple different directions rapidly.

It’s a bit slower than wallclimbing but it seems to do the job when getting at high places away from walls.
I haven’t experimented much with it but I raised my mouse sensitivity and put my mouse mad horizontally and dragged my mouse all the way across the mat while tapping space and E, that seemed to work for a while, I think using a hotkey to lock the Y axis of the mouse while doing this would be a lot more do-able in runs.


You mean propflying?


Propflying was fixed ages ago, it’s still sort of possible under some circumstances. This is just prop boosting but without using a wall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGjCFJsthDY




This is a little different from propflying. You have found a way to get a substantial amount of height (which new engine propflying cant do) with just a pallet and no wall. It’s interesting though uses don’t immediately come to mind.


I think this is just flying but you’re rotating the object around yourself fast so you can gain height and you don’t just drop off the pallet. A pretty clever way to propfly but I don’t think this will be too useful.


Probably not. Unless it’s the only prop in the vicinity.