Possible New Glitch for HL2?

So a Gordon Freeman and an explosive barrel walk into a bar -https://mega.co.nz/#!8Zh31KYC!3TDJjPEtHCMEbwfHCqMzca16FvqjK68RQ_7pRzpqLzE

I have NO IDEA how this happened, or why, but this could help for any future HL2 runs. Luck would have it that I found this on my birthday. Before you say it, Yes I know this is possible in Black Mesa, I just didn’t think it would be possible in HL2.
I did this in Gocnak’s Ghosting mod, if you want to know what version/client i did it in.

Sounds cool. Video would be nicer tho >.>

I was going to render a video, but my computer had other ideas and decided to banish it to the Infinite Abyss of Binary Code. In other words, I couldn’t find it. Gonna try to see if I can get a consistent method of doing this, and where something like this might be useful.

EDIT: Here is Gocnak’s Ghosting Mod if you want to try it for yourself and didn’t know where to find it. And read the readme file it contains some VERY useful info.https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58448223/ghostingmod.zip

Sounds like you got a cute virus that deletes files randomly or something, try searching for it using Everything and scan your computer using Malwarebytes

Nah, it’s Ghosting mod, if you startmovie into AVI nothing happens.

Also found another glitch, specifically related to Ghosting Mod. Gocnak codes as well as Valve, no offense. :wink: Its like a guaranteed stuck launch. Basically if you take an object that has collision, and put it on your head and jump ALOT with some movement, you build speed. I’ve been able to reach 4949 UPS in ~3 seconds.

wow, nice.

Considering I took the SDK and added a few extra classes for the Ghosts, hud elements, and timer, I don’t believe I’d be far off. I haven’t modified any of the physics classes to generate extra speed or anything.

Ah, portable supercharged-ABH. I remember doing this back on coast_01 with one of the barrels, and was thinking of integrating it in the TSA run. I had a demo of it, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Personally, I don’t see it being that useful in Coast_01 as you have that crate with the health kits on it on the right there you can Stuck-Launch off of. Haven’t tried anything yet, but something in my mind is saying d3_breen_01 is where something like this might be useful. That and anywhere you have to wait for a door to open, just something to get out VERY quickly. Again haven’t been testing anything, although I did manage to get a Coast_05 launch using the old engine movement style. (because I prefer FwBhop to ABH just as personal preference, and I was curious)

EDIT: btw doesn’t work in Build 4044 or Source Unpack, just tried a few minutes ago. Haven’t tried Steampipe though. Played to much Titanfall today. :slight_smile: