Portal Xbox 360 speed runs?


Lately, I’ve been doing a couple of speed runs for portal on the Xbox 360. I would do it on PC but my computer is awful and even struggles on loading some flash games
Anyway, I’ve wondered if this is a category that could be runned. It would be interesting to run but it may be difficult. So far, after to runs, I have managed a fair 36:06 for ‘Any%’
It’s different to PC as you can’t do quick save/load and I’m pretty sure ABH, ASH and AFH are impossible. Portal bumbping still works (tested on the chamber with the turrets). I haven’t quite gotten to tying out of bounds or the technique where you do a ‘long jump’ allowing you to get the dual portal device upon seconds of entering the chamber and generally speeding up movement
Also as a side note, I seem to get stuck in the top of the elevator if I’m pushing against or I’m really close to the door when a loading screen happens. It gets annoying as I have to re-load halfway through the last test chamber causing a loss of around 20 seconds
If anyone can then could you reply answering about this? I would like to know as I enjoy Speedruning on the console edition.


MisterMonopoli has an inbounds run in 20:31 from 2011 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLYOMW6FY0U).
I don’t think anyone has done a run using OoB glitches but I would imagine it could save a decent amount of time, there are probably some newer inbounds strats that you could use as well.


no all the stated still work, its just alot harder but it could be done on a 360
(sorry cant help you with the rest of the stuff : /)


You can get save loading to work, but you’d have to rebind two buttons to “save quick” and “load quick” in the game’s autoexec.cfg (which is still present on the 360 version) to get it working, which would require a jTAGed 360 anyway.

You should also try save glitch as well.


Thanks for the link - I’ve just asked I he could make a tutorial but I doubt it

Also is an ‘All chambers’ run an actually category? I start from the start of the game and all the way until the text saying something like ‘Congratulations! You have completed the test. All aperture technology stays functional up to 4000 degrees kelvin’ (overkill much…)


He hasn’t done any portal speedrunning in ages so probably not. All chambers is not a category anyone has done, but you’re of course free to do it if you want to.


I’ve just noticed that the speed run linked is on ‘Portal - Still Alive’ and not the Orange box version. I currently do it on the Orange Box version and I don’t know what the differences are


The Still Alive version you can get on XBLA, it doesn’t come on a disk, I think it has extra maps and stuff.


I’m pretty sure you can ABH on the 360 version. You might want to try using a modded controller (Or make one yourself) because that’s probably the closest you’ll get to using a script. That’s probably either out of budget for you or too complex, so what I HIGHLY recommend you do is use keyboard/mouse on the 360.
Cheap Version
Expensive Version
With keyboard and mouse, you can configure your scroll wheel to jump and ABH with ease. And with a mouse you gain much better and quicker control.


Might as well just speedrun the PC version.


Given his circumstances, this may be his only way of speedrunning. And it’s pretty damn close to PC version except he wouldn’t be able to quicksave/quickload.


I’m sorry.


Yeah - I have three reasons for speed running on the Xbox

  1. My PC explodes if it plays a flash game (you know how little effort they take)

  2. It’s different from PC runs. First, It has different routes and glitches so you can’t do OOB or ABH/F/S easily. So then I have to adapt a route that is similar but doesn’t need to require PC level glitching. Second, its easier to try and get a record on. I’m only 2 minutes away from beating Minopoli (well… The video you sent) and I would be 12 minutes away from the PC records

  3. It’s fun to do something different to the rest.

But anyway, your post about the keyboard and mouse in the Xbox is welcome but I feel like it will detract from point of running on console; it’s basically the same as the controls are the same so glitches are easier and it’s more broken as console games don’t usually get updated. The only difference is that the loading times are longer and quick save/ load are… Well… Probably there but not easy