Portal trick/demo video


So the idea has been kicked around in the sourceruns chat a few times, but I decided to make a thread on this so we can determine everyone’s interest.

I want to make a video in which we do stunts and tricks in portal 1 and 2, but travel between the games as well. My idea was that since, in both games, you can set up extra portals that aren’t connected to your main portals we could do something like this:

Chell is about to be incinerated at the end of portal 1, where glados is starting to talk about how she should lie down and assume the party escort submission position. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz_BpfuOeac starts playing around this point. She finds an “extra” portal that leads into a map in portal 2, say laser chaining (above the faith plate on that map, for example). From there, we could do some kind of trick or launch or jump in each map before going through a portal into the next map in a different part of one of the two games.

The difficult part will, obviously, be editing all of this together. I am not capable of doing this, however I know a lot of people in sourceruns are. That said I’m sure a project like this will require a lot of work especially when you consider the little details, like how lighting changes and how to deal with the gun models which are pretty vastly different between games.

I’m open to ideas. I really really like the song and think it fits a video like this PERFECTLY, but if you have another idea for song choice I may or may not be at least a little bit open to hearing suggestions.


My only problem with this is that, if I recall correctly, Renard’s music is copyrighted/if he sees this, he might not be okay us using it without his permission, which would lead him to having it removed and putting a strike on our account. I love the idea of trick videos, as we’ve talked about it before, but we need to be a lot more careful with our music usage, as we haven’t in the past other than Darwin’s trailer with his music in it.


I’m sure if we contact him ahead of time he’d be okay with it. And if not then we pick another song, ezpz =P


Why does a trick video need story?

Personally I thought that song was really obnoxious, I think there are better options.

And sure, if you leave all the technical stuff to you guys I could edit this shit together in an awesome way.


If you wanted to use any other songs by people within SourceRuns, well…