Portal SS-OoB-WIP


Yeah, I figured now I’m done with in-bounds, I’d go for the OoB too. So I need some help. Anyone got a reliable way to do the seam glitch in Chamber 4? I know z1m can do it, but I need a screenshot or demo on where to stand for it.


I’d say don’t bother with the seam glitch. I think I heard someone say you can set a bind to lower your mouse sensitivity, but I don’t know.


The seam glitch saves loads of time, like 30-40 seconds I think, maybe more. Z1m can do it consistently, so I may as well do it.

It’s not about the mouse really, it’s about the positioning. You need to be in the exact right positioning, then it’s a shot that’s not too bad.


I would suggest using a marker on the cealing rather than a marker on the ground as that parallel drawing 3d technique would make it inaccurate looking on the ground.