Portal Prelude Inbounds Segmented


Hi all ^^

I am Nan0 from France and i like portal :^) Recently i start an inbounds segmented of portal prelude !

There is actually an inbounds segmented but really not optimised : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7xqfsbk62s

Actually i have done the second map and it’s actually 39 s faster than the previous run ! Look that shit encode (the first and second chamber) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xu4he8x93qoqn5j/04.05.mp4?dl=0 !

There is a timesheet for this run : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bOBfyw8EItg8D2RLivYLec4Q5oGoVaf3g-iy_HKIqSc/edit?usp=sharing

Actually we are 4 to work on : ThomRI98 (he founds cool save glitch :p), Fnzzy <3, Andzura and me !

we dont have any estimate for the moment because we dont have route all the game yet ! (Sub 10 ezpz ?)
If some cool guy read that and found strats : reply this post with a demo link :smiley:

(i have a poor english level sorry if i make some mistakes :slight_smile: )

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Sounds interesting, I’m sure sub 10 would be an easy target, how’s about 8?

  1. Really nice quick movement there, looking forward to this.
  2. Your spreadsheet is locking me out. Its listed as private.
  3. Your english isn’t that bad. I’m assuming your not from the States. I’ve seen Americans, in my English class, with worse grammar.

I am Nan0 from France

I don’t think I will do much in this run, only there to help out on occasions but I am equally as excited as you are!

That turned out to be false!


Quick update : fnzzy make all the first map (with the fastest radio launch :stuck_out_tongue: ): it’s actually 12 s faster than the previous run !
We redo chamber 7 because we used a slower strat and we save 1 big second !

Fnzzy make an error on level_02 time : it actually just save 16 s (not 39 s :o )
We save 28 s on the previous run and we only done 2 of 6 map :stuck_out_tongue:

Timesheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bOBfyw8EItg8D2RLivYLec4Q5oGoVaf3g-iy_HKIqSc/edit?usp=sharing

We need idea for 16/17 !!!


I can’t read.

Anywho, good luck on run! I can access the timesheet now btw, ty!


Another update, run is developing fast. In the past few days I made segments for some hours and we are now 1 minute and 16 seconds ahead of the old run after level_06.

I think I can safely say that we will beat the sub 10 minute mark by the time we are done.


inb4 #Sub10Hype :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck with the run; can’t wait to see it!


Good luck guys. I know this will be very good :slight_smile:


Just skipped an elevator lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯
i should ban you for that emoticon

i should ban you for that emoticon


We also passed the 10 minute mark, hurray. starting last map.


OK ! The run is actually finished but we redo all level_02 because of 3 new strats !
Actually the estimate with all demo we made is 8:00.020 for 69 segments :stuck_out_tongue: but with the new level_02 we hope save 5 s 8) !
(Let’s try to beat the old run by 4 min ? At least 3:58:00 can be cool :o )

Timesheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bOBfyw8EItg8D2RLivYLec4Q5oGoVaf3g-iy_HKIqSc/edit?usp=sharing

Actually all segment are render up to 720p with a good editing (thanks fnzzy :3)

[font=comic sans ms]COMMING SOON BABY !


Lol that’s just for us. Real thing will be 1080p 60fps.


You should submit the run!


We are planning on doing that. Only thing left is the second map, segments and render, then stitching everything together and upload it with 0.25Mbit/s! Hope it’s fast enough for the SourceRuns elite judges.




OK BABY ! THIS BULLSHIT IS OVER :stuck_out_tongue: not really just 1 segment left and i wait fnzzy to make it (5 abh jump 8) ) => my abh suxx

We save around 6 s (if i just use the last previous segment !) | RUN ESTIMATE : 7:54 !!!



HYPE ;D Seriously can’t wait to see this.
EDIT: oops this is my second hype post in a row, hopefully it’s not too spammy ::slight_smile:


You do plan on upload[font=impact]ing it to SR right? This shit is going to be hype


Yeah, I hope it will be good enough. Also, please don’t hype it too much, I don’t want to meet too high expectations haha x)


Pls, what you showed was already very hype :stuck_out_tongue: