Portal gun crosshair broken.


I don’t really know if this would be the right place to post this but my portal gun crosshair just shows the default half life 2 one. Like this:http://i.imgur.com/eiBOY8t.jpg?1 This happens on source unpack and the steam version. Any help on how to return it to normal would be great. Thanks.

EDIT: YES! I figured it out. hud_quickinfo was set to 0 so anyone who ever has this problem just do hud_quickinfo 1.


I have never seen this. I’ll go ask yalter if he’s got any idea. he’d be the man to know.


Also, if it helps I think it happened after I installed old engine.


Try delete the text files in portal/resources then verify the cache, once they’ve been replaced, go into the unpack and replace the ones that are already in the unpack portal/resources folder with the same ones from the Steam Version you just downloaded. Might work.


Well, I just tried that and it didn’t work.


OK well I tried a full uninstall and reinstall and i still have the same problem.