Portal Glitchless Segmented run


Hello dear persons,

My name is Fnzzy, some people may know me, some don’t, and I am glad to announce that there is currently on a glitchless segmented run in the making!

I got the idea after seeing a “Glitchless World Record” appearing on /r/speedruns which was a glitchless speedrun of Portal done in 45 segments with a time of 24:20. There is no doubt that this person was misinformed. First of all, the game can be beaten without the use of glitches in about 17 minutes and secondhe did not mention that the run was segmented and therefore claiming to hold the SS record. After getting feedback from various members of the speedrun community he quickly corrected his mistakes and removed the “world record” from his title.

This got me thinking though. Why not make a “real” glitchless segmented run to see how fast the game can be beaten without exploiting various game mechanics? So here I am announcing the second ever glitchless segmented run! I started organizing and setting things up 5 days ago, on the 21st of august. A few days after, french Portal runner nan0kub got interested in the run and joined the project. We are currently aiming for 16:00, which we hopefully happen to achieve. This is the first ever segmented run for me and nan0kub and we hope that things will work out fine without any bigger problems.

I haven’t done any routing in the past and I haven’t planned much but I hope to find the fastest way to beat the game while working on the project. With the help of nan0kub this should be a pretty fun task!

We are currently at 5:49 after Chamber 09, which is already 30 seconds faster than maggg0t’s glitchless SS run which he did 3 months ago. I hope my timing is right since I have never done any segments and was unfamiliar with the timing method, but I am pretty confident that my calculations are correct. Chamber 05 will be re-visited in the near future since there is still a small amount of time to save. I will provide the timesheet below so you can follow the project and correct errors that I might have missed. Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately this run won’t be as interesting to watch as the previous segmented runs since none of the cool tricks will be used which results in a most likely boring to watch Portal shooting session. But I hope that some strats (like 16, hint) will provide some interesting material!

Thank you for reading!

Timesheet: [font=Roboto]http://bit.do/glitchlesstimesheet

EDIT: I am happy to announce that maggg0t and Kaasgeelheid joined the project!


Everyone seems to have their own definition of glitchless. Could you list exactly what tricks you will not be employing? Thanks and gl!


We will not be using ABH, super throw, any kind of edge glitch, no OoB, no stuck launches, no re-portals and all the kind of stuff. However, we use jump to get around faster, we block doors with objects and we use turrets to break glass. GLaDOS is done the boring and long way though. If you want to know anything in particular just ask. We haven’t done much routing yet but I think I can answer most of the stuff. Oh and we will not be using the 19 tube shot since this is a topic that still needs to be discussed. Because of that we go the save way and… go the slow way.


I was also wondering about portal-peeking, portal bumping, portal under door on 9 and wallclimbing. Also how is there a glitch involved in the 19 pixel shot? That seems pretty clearly glitch free to me.


Someone (I think it was imanex) mentioned that you can pile up cameras to skip most of 17. It’s not technically wallclimbing. Dunno if that’s faster or not.


We will use portal-peeking and portal-standing since those are not viewed as a glitch by the community. Portal bumping, Portal under the door and wallclimbing are glitches are will not be used in this run.

As for the pixel shot, do you mean the one in Ch 15? It is not used in SS but I will discuss it with the other runners and see what they think.

A similar method is used here. Looks pretty slow to me. I will see how fast it can be when only using cameras.


nevermind, I think we were talking about different things on 19. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I made an account just to post here. first of all, here’s a much faster way to do 17 with camera and cube stacking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x70GAYW6Kg&list=UU7jE5vgoYGxCahfAtWlk0gA but there might be a faster way - I have gotten ridiculousy close to getting up the ledge by using a fling similar to a one used in portal 2’s “wall button” - going into a wall portal in high speed and exiting throguh a floor portal. wish I could provide a video but I dont know how to record… so someone who’s actually good in this game might want to try this, if it works it’s probably the fastest way to do 17 glitchless.

I’m already looking forward for this run, glitchless is a great category IMO and I wish you luck :slight_smile:


I played around with camera positioning to get up on that path on 17 but I didn’t found this way. That looks like it can be done very fast! Thanks for that.


Mind telling what chambers you need routes for?


None in particular. We have the most stuff figured out.


Quick update, with the help from new runners that joined the run over the past weeks we are currently 1 minute and 10 seconds ahead of the RTA world record and there are still 5 chambers to be done. Can the #sub16hype be real? Let’s hope so!


[font=verdana]#sub16hype pls


so i make a tsa of e01 : http://a.pomf.se/vfpehr.webm (fraps encode and bad edit but really swag). it save 20 s on mikael rta :stuck_out_tongue: #sub16hype


Removed all the posts with #sub16hype, aside from the first. Stop spamming please.


I figured out that you could do chamber 18 in around 50 seconds


I would love to see that route. Is it possible in real time? We had some TSA’s that were impossible :smiley: Our 18 is 53 seconds long. What’s your Steam btw? Or add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/fnzzy


I assume that this route could be done in under 55 seconds without reportal’s (because my challenge mode time is 1:02 and thats glitchless without reportals - 7 seconds because of an object toss that you can do to prop open the door and a pixel shot into the second part of the chamber - some seconds because of reportals). I’ll try to upload the route asap.


Alright so i’ve been doing some stuff and this is what i’ve come up with.

62 seconds is my basetime (that’s my challenge mode pb, which is glitchless), you can take off 7 seconds from that time by (instead of placing) throwing the computer at the door and (instead of going right upto the door) shoot directly onto the ceiling while falling, and then another 3 seconds off with (instead of not reportaling) reportal, and i saved a little bit of time by portaling down the hallway (instead of walking). So if this route was done fast it should come out to 51 seconds. Hope this helps make this run faster, if not… whatever.


Isn’t reportaling counted as a glitch though?