TL;DR new portal inbounds run.

We’re up to chamber 10 now, spreadsheet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aptn40ZAP43TdDRaZU52Ml9iSU1BcktTWGIyWGFuRHc#gid=0

We’re comparing to kingpin’s run, which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TVQuvk9hL8

The goal? 12:30 or lower. Should be ezpz, with what we have now we’re already sub 13, and we have tons of tricks coming.

Big improvements include an estimated 15 seconds saved on 11-12 alone, and at least 10s saved on ch19. 5s will probably be saved on ch18, and we’ll be saving tons of little time throughout the run. We’re doing this scriptless and will be submitting to SDA.


Here I was thinking that DWaHMoV was a crazy name.



just name it “Portal Done Better”


Kernel, do not report threads unless there’s a reason to.


What the hell does UFSCL&IAWIG stand for?


^yeah this pretty much


Looking back at this makes me giggle. The current estimate is well under 11:30, probably even under 11:20.

Also, the name stands for Portal Done Uber Fucking Super Cool-Ly and Inbounds as Well I Guess


That name is dumb



Yeah, DWaHMoV was one thing but naming all the future runs in a similar way looks kinda lame in my opinion.


I like it, besides, it’s not up to us what the runs are named, it’s up to the runners.


Agreed it’s their decision. However, I don’t like it either. DWaHMoV I wasn’t big on either, but at least that was pronouncable.


You don’t *have *to name a speedrun you know. Imagine every speedrun ever created to have it’s own name. What a mess.


Names happen over time.

Dwahmov just started as an injoke that stuck so we decided to go with it.

Then again people are calling this pdufscallywag already, so that’s what it’ll be.


You could always be a rebel and name a speedrun “XgameDFOKFHALNFFS”


Whoever guesses that can become an admin.


Call it ‘Black Ops 2 Done Quick’ to mess with people’s head


I’m amazed that you guys think that we’re going to keep this name, that is obviously a stupid in-joke, as the name for our final run. We probably won’t even name it, or if we do it’ll be something simple.

Jared: Xgame done fuck something for having something long names for fucks sake


: >


Nope, wrong.