Portal Done Pro-er


Doing this for Z1m.

Portal speedran in 8:31.93 by Z1mb0bw4y, Inexistence, me, and special guest appearance Xebaz.

Comments: http://bit.ly/OERXz4

Audio Commentary: Coming soon when Inex gets back we stop being lazy.

SDA Time: ~9:15


that was great :smiley:


My mind.


The tricking beneath the elevators, ch15-16 I think is really awesome. Good job on the run.


Very nice! I couldn’t understand most of the tricks, but thats usual when watching a Portal run.

Good work! The chorus at the end was a total killer! :smiley:


Oh yes, the singing at the end sounded awesome


You took what I did and make it 100 times better! I love this run! I’ll promote it on my YouTube channel tonight. :slight_smile: The singing is amazing, and I love that you basically kept everything like how I did it except made it so much better. This run needs some Kotaku visibility.

Edit: I send an email to tips@kotaku.com about your speedrun. Also, can you guys request that the video be a video response to Portal Done Pro? That video still gets a lot of hits and I want your guys’ video to be seen. :slight_smile:


Hmm, I tried posting it as a response, but it wouldn’t let me. I don’t know if someone already beat to the punch or not. As for promoting it, that’d be great, we already got a response from PCGamer when I emailed them:

Hey Jared!

I should be able to, though maybe not today. Thanks for passing this along, I noticed it via Twitter, too.


Evan Lahti
Executive Editor, PC GAMER


I’ve been meaning to ask… how did you guys ABH without scripts? What bindings did you use? Etc?


bind mwheelup +jump

for me