Portal Done Pro-er Site Mentions


We got featured on quite a few sites. I thought I should make a list to compile them.

PC Gamer
G4’s The Feed
Escapist Magazine
Rock Paper Shotgun
The Verge
EGM now
German IGN

We got mentioned 4 times in Portal’s “Update News” (right click Portal > View News | or click here).

We are mentioned various times on foreign websites, ranging from Spanish to Russian.

Here’s a Google search you can do to find other places that mention us.

Getting posted to PC Gamer was like dominoes. One site does it, the rest follow after. This is awesome.


Digital Spy

Some things are also popping up here http://topsy.com/s/portal+speedrun?window=w


How dare you forget LambdaGeneration!


Oh, that’s super cool. I especially like the Escapist one, mentioning SS run as well. I’m so glad for you guys. :’’)

Let’s hope that someone from Valve will see it and congrats with the incredible run.

Here are some Russian sites:


Some other random site http://www.webpronews.com/watch-this-guy-beat-portal-in-8-minutes-2012-07

Woo, Google alerts


Swedish GameReactor: http://www.gamereactor.se/blog/petter/371371/
Swedish major modern news blog/site: http://feber.se/spel/art/247505/speedrun_av_portal/


German Gamestar featured it aswell (the site is currently messed up, gamestar is incapable of CSS xD)

cu, CBenni


Jesus fuck, this is a lot. The video’s at 200,000 views now, and it’s growing everyday. Woooow.


You can truly see the difference between Calld Of Duty fanboys and real oldschool gamers. Just look at the comments on lambdageneration and the comments on PC Gamer. On pcgamer, most people are new gamers that buy the new call of duty every year and only play recent games and think everything that’s older than 2 years is bad, so they just insult the speedrun and say that it’s easy to do and anyone can do it because they used glitches and it’s not impressive. I strongly doubt they even played the game, or that they know anything about speedrunning. I’d like to see them try. Then, some also say that it used cheats because they went out of bounds, or even because you see the console at some point. Those guys are really dumb, it means they have no idea how to record a video of the game since they would know it requires the console. The people on lambdageneration are admiring the talent of the speedrun (for the most of them) and the others are not insulting, they are politely saying they prefer in bounds speedrun, but at least they are civilized. I think there should be a law or something, that in order to buy a new recent game you should have to beat an old game first (like half-life, portal, starcraft, warcraft, diablo, or whatever) just so people would know those are good, and would not say they are shit without even trying them. Then I would respect the opinion of those who still don’t like them, but hating on old games because they are old is super dumb and tons of people do it. Just with the comments on those 2 reviews you can clearly see that.


Under 15 minutes? Please, its under 10
When I first saw the title I thought they may have posted the SS run

Tech2 http://tech2.in.com/news/pc/new-world-record-for-speed-run-on-portal/333702

Some random site http://mygaming.co.za/news/news/41928-new-portal-speed-run-record-set-at-8-5-minutes.html

Mentioned in weekly highlights http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2012/07/the-week-in-gaming-news-72.html