Portal Done Keyboard


So I got this idea the other week but havnt been able to upload
because I have been on vacation and my charger broke, but now I can finally write about this idea of mine.
It will basically be portal done no mouse, only using keyboard.
So tell me what you think of this and I guess this could actually become something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t this essentially be the same as a Controller speedrun, just with the keyboard?

I guess the keyboard would make it a bit harder though, sounds like a challenge. I wish you good luck!


Are you going to do it OoB, glitchless or what? Or at least have an idea what category you want to do?

Otherwise that sounds pretty cool


I would consider OoB, or glitchless
And it’s only keyboard


I remember SullyJHF and a few others did “portal done console” runs which were very similar.

Sadly the twitch vods died in the purge a while back.


Wait… speaking of Sully… idea… What about… Portal done tablet!?


What about portal done LSD% Oculus% blindfolded, upside down, jumpless, scriptless, OoB, on a shield tablet inside an industrial washing machine at full power while tumbling down a mountain?


what BitRain said, only no keybinds (console only) and don’t bother with LSD% if you’re blindfolded - in fact remove the blindfold and just do oculus LSD%


Oculus - LSD% that would be cool, imagine how many seizures you would have.
And also I tried playing with keyboard, is there any way to change sensitivity of lookup and lookdown?


Brb getting a shield tablet and an industrial washing machine :stuck_out_tongue:


A Nvidia Shield speedrun would be cool…
I mean why not? It would show that someone has real skill :smiley:

Or maybe an PlayStation 3 speedrun… even tho I don’t like consoles =/


Oh! The notification of that post just reminded me of something else! Why not do a Portal speedrun like this?


I’d be more impressed with a tablet based run because playing FPS games on phones gets really difficult sometimes, and your fingerprints start to build up on the screen making it harder for you to move the controls, and ABH would probably be really hard too.


Thank you for that laugh, made my day.

Portal done Racing Wheel? Someone needs to do a PoC for this one. I guess you would just bind two of the buttons on the wheel to look up and down?

Not PS3, its just Portal with a controller, people have seen that before. On SDA, there is a video of a run done on the 360.

EDIT: I like how Portal has been run so many times, we are scouring the internet looking for ways to do Portal again, but weirder.


Okay, so I was looking into how much it costs for a wheel controller. Apparently quite a bit. Although I saw a cheaper alternative which might actually be even funnier and something I can already do:

Portal Done Wiimote.


Yes please.


I’m actually setting this up as I type.