Portal Done Jumpless, Inbounds and almost Glitchless


Also using routes intended by Valve. This is a PoC (Proof of Concept), not really a run. I wanted to show that Portal can be completed as it was designed (except two or three places), without using the jump button.

About the beginning Testchamber 17:
This is a glitch that I’ve never seen before (perhaps a new one?). Basically if you try to push yourself into a turret (prop_physics with a turret model), you can get yourself inside it. Then you grab the turret and drop it, that makes the physics engine realize that you’re inside and start to push you out, constantly building up your speed (you can watch vel in cl_showpos). Then, when the turret moves a little bit up to the point when you are not inside it anymore, you are launched into the air with the speed that you built up. The direction that you’re launched into is determined by where you ‘exit’ the turret model.

P. S.: Sorry for a tiny desync and for bad changelevel transitions, I was experimenting with these and it didn’t turn out all right.

Thanks to CBenni for helping me with routing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Firstly, nice run Yalter.
Secondly, I was trying which levels can not only be dont jump, but also flingless.

A fling is anything where you enter a portal at a velocity higher than can be achieved by simply walking into it on even ground.

I decided not to, because I couldnt figure chamber 12 and 18 out inbounds. Basically every other chamber can be done flingless however. Only chamber I want able to perform flingless yet was 15, you cant portal bump past the las emanc field, you can try to objectstack however. 18 seems impossible, even if we found a way to get a turret, turret boosts give you max speed if done correctly. This isnt enough to boost you all the way up, so youd have to take it in steps. This requires a way to do a turret boost without a corner tho. I wasnt even able to get the lastturret fling done, the slope is way too steep :frowning:

however, it was a fun test and I am impressed at how hard we won.