Portal Done Inbounds


Hey guys !

Today i want to present you my new project : Portal Done Inbounds.
The goal of this run is to finish Portal inbounds, and I estimate the time at 15:00.
Any help about this run is taken with pleasure.

Bye ! :slight_smile:

PS : The timesheet of the speedrun is right here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvH66FlABj3fdF9FMDNMWFJfdWR2UmlVNUxueG5MY2c&usp=sharing


How are you timing the first map, curiously? 2:06 is a really odd time to have there.

Otherwise, good luck! After PDPr we were hoping to get a team project like this started but we never got around to it.


Well i’m not so good at timing, i’ll get precise time later.
And actually I got to make again all the segment 1 because after seeing it the intro is glitchy … And it’s not that much optimised.
I’m working on the routes for test 7, and obviously i can’t manage to do this f***ing fling -_-’
There is the first segment for the curious people, you’ll see too that i need to optimise it more : http://filesmelt.com/dl/00+01.dem


Take a look at a little bit faster 00 route:


That’s not actually faster in SDA time, since you used 3 segments. That said, it could maybe be done in one. PDPr’s first segment wasn’t very optimized.

Imanex and I are kicking around the idea of starting up a team portal inbound project. Not sure when that’s going to start though.






I just… Don’t know what went wrong…

P. S. Exec, don’t you have 2 different games to run atm? ;D


Yes. Yes I do.


SDA time lmao.


Stop that spam -.-’
But, actually a team inbounds run is a very great idea :slight_smile:
Maybe I could stop that run, and then we could start the team run, what do you think of it ?


Do it. In the end, your run will get beaten anyway, so better not waste your time and work on a real run.


You should make this run on your own. You probably can’t compete with the others in a team run anyway. Plus you’ll learn lot of stuff along the way. Maybe you even find some new tricks.

And exe, what’s a real run?


One that’s real, obviously.


No. It’s the one you imagine to be really good.


It’s the run that is done by the Great and Proest of All of Us Exec, with the speedrunning power of who noone dares to compare. :>


I don’t imagine your Residual Life run to be really good. So you better not waste time on it. Sounds reasonable?

Just trying to make a point that anyone can and should do whatever they want, not be bossed around.


Yeah, Exec, I can say that any run will be beaten sometime in the future because of new trick discoveries, or better movements in general. Some TASes get beaten like 5 times a year. And so what? If everybody will think like that, no runs will be made at all. Do you want to see, for example, HL21? What if Quad cancelled it because ‘it will get beaten anyway’?