Portal done hl2

After messing around with the impulse 101 command, I’ve become increasingly interested at the potential of a Portal speedrun utilizing the Half-Life 2 weapons - similar to the HL2 DWaLoP run, but swapped the other way around. Some bits of the game are insanely difficult with this added; some are hilariously easy. However, some parts of the game require portals to be placed (such as the end of Test Chamber 05), which would ruin the purpose of the run. I have started routing the run, and will update this post with these.

If you are interested in joining this run or would like to help with the setup + routing, please let me know below.

Using HL2 Weapons aren’t as useful as I would want them to be because we can’t perform damage-boosts in Portal.
Some chambers do require portals, but if we could use Old Engine, chambers 5 and 11 would just require a simple J-Clip. And if any of the maps overlap (this is valve, so they definitely are) we might be able to do some sick savewarps.
I’m just not sure if Portal maps would even work in old engine.

I’m not sure if you wanted to use the portal gun or the portals themselves anywhere because if so then you can’t use OE since there are no Portal DLLs for OE.

The idea of the run was to not use any Portals.

I actually got around to trying this out. There are only 3 maps (testchmb_a_07, testchmb_a_14, escape_01, and escape_02) that don’t work. The ones that do work have missing textures even when I copy over the textures from Portal.
Most of the maps require savewarping due to broken elevators and no method way of getting oob.

This project has moved to it’s own channel in the sourceruns discord


Wait a second, didn’t you like start this thread, Jamer? ???
Although I didn’t know this was even still a thing… huh