Portal custom glitch maps


What do you guys think of custom maps that require glitches to be completed? I had this idea for quite a while and I don’t know if anyone has ever created such a map (only one I can think of is sjt1). I had never made a map in any game (except Lode Runner) but I could give it a try if people might be interrested. I’m thinking especially of a large map that would require bunnyhopping and of puzzles that might require stuff like acute angle, PDR, <that “new” glitch that allows one to place a portal on an OOB surface while jumping through a portal in-bounds>, and others. I could imagine that this might not be easy. Figuring out the right distances to jump across gaps while AFHing or to make sure that players are able to escape a room with some OOB or acute angle glitch but still don’t break the entire puzzle. An relatively easy way to do this might be to copy some parts or only the distances from parts of other maps.
What do you guys think of this idea?


I had this idea for a while as well to be honest, but never got to making it happen. So, I’m excited! :stuck_out_tongue:


I had this idea too and played around with the Hammer editor, but I never really had the motivation to finish it. Playing such a map could be very fun though.


There are a bunch of those kinds of custom speedrunning/glitching maps for Portal 2. Don’t know if the same goes for Portal. I don’t run either one (not counting Portal 2 co-op) but I’m sure a neat map like the ones for Portal 2, but for Portal, would be appreciated by runners!


This is a great idea, a map with stages, each stage requires you to perform a certain glitch/series of glitches or a combination of glitches. Something like agtricks for Half-Life (though that’s not very challenging). Would be cool if runners would compete over it, shaving milliseconds.


What about a series of maps with each map teaching you new techniques? Something like chamber 1-19 in Portal, but with glitching techniques. I think allowing the player to solve a chamber in different ways is important too. Many custom maps are only solvable in one way (counting out glitches). Let’s say, a player is not able to ABH across a gap, he could use a cube to wallclimb across it.

Does anyone actually know a mapper or how difficult mapping is?


I know the basics of Hammer, and I think i could create some basic maps. But currently I don’t have the time for that. However, if anyone wants to learn mapping with Hammer, I could help :slight_smile:


I’ve been mapping for about 8 years for different engines, so if someone taught me the basics of Hammer, I’d totally make them.
cough http://www.moddb.com/members/cptcool/images/mp-canals-07-progress-oct20133


I’ve tried to work with Hammer but somehow things didn’t work how they’re supposed to.


I made this map a couple of years back. It wasn’t finished or particularly good, but I did it. When I get home (2 weeks or so) I’lltry and find and upload it.


I finally got the motivation to learn how to use Hammer. Here’s my first map, if anyone is interrested:

There are two map versions included, the one with the *_ar name will automatically record a demo on start.
The map source files are included too.
Hint: it requires bunnyhopping to be completed.


Here’s my second map:

Again, impossible to solve without abusing Portal 1 glitches.


You posted the same map twice.


Sorry. The link is fixed now.