Portal Cube% segmented run


Hi guys,

So ThomRI and I started a “cube%” run a while back, 1 year ago, after seeing Imanex’s cube video. We didn’t find real strats and didn’t even optimize the segments, so we started over a few months ago with tons of new strats and improves. Basically the goal is to preserve as many cubes as we can (so far we can save up to 24 cubes) and bring them to the end of the game. We don’t really have an estimate for this run, around 30 minutes would be great. Of course this run is OoB.

Here’s the time sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bg93dbutgZDBTWOuoSx4vdiXDyiuPmTf4Y9lRVax-2Q/edit#gid=0

We need your opinion to decide where to bring the cubes in Escape_02, we thought about bringing them either in the Cake room or in the GLaDOS room, or somewhere else if you have any suggestions.
EDIT: You can vote here http://strawpoll.me/5510731

Note that we’re not asking for help on this project, we really want to do this together with Thom, but since there’s a new 23 cubes category that appeared on speedrun.com and people started talking about it, I thought making a post would be a great idea, to talk about this category and discuss the rules (where should we bring the cubes for example ?).

On a side note, if you have any suggestions for the name of the run, feel free to write them :stuck_out_tongue:


a. So even though you’re not asking for help, could I at least try and maybe route for it and if I come up with something good I could get a few segments? I find this category very fascinating ;D
b. As for where to place the cubes, it would make sense to take them to the cake room since those are the rules on speedrun.com
c. How did you go faster than por? does the run use ISG?


Now how in the hell do you fit 24 cubes in the elevator. like wat?


Just for your information the 23 Cubes category will be renamed to 24 Cubes as soon as Jukspa can be bothered to do a run with the full cube route. :stuck_out_tongue: Also in my opinion you should bring all the cubes into the cake room since the last companion cube is placed there. Kind of bringing them all home.


a. Of course you can route, there’s no problem, just make sure to have the correct amount of cubes.

c. There’s no cubes in 2/3, so we just did a normal 2/3 to have a save to start 4/5, the funny thing is we didn’t really try to optimize it, we wanted a save to start 4/5, but it ended up faster than por by 1 second. And we’re not using ISG.


You don’t have to fit all of the cubes inside the elevator, you can also place them in front of it and under it. I’m pretty sure taking them inside the elevator is actually slower since you’d have to do fizzler re-entry repeatedly to get them in which takes up a lot of time.

To add onto Fnzzy’s comment, I did runs getting 23 cubes which is all the cubes after 02/03 except one from 11/12. The idea was originally coined by Imanex and I did an adaptation of his route and made it more consistent and also faster. His run was also missing the one cube from 11/12.

It’s a bit tricky to get because the place where you need to shoot a portal is higher than any other point in the map so it’s not completely simple to just place a portal there. Fortunately I came up with a save glitch that allows me to place a portal there, as far as I know though this run will get it in a different way which is much harder but also a little bit faster.


Concerning the 11/12 route, the run will be using a faster route indeed. I think you heard about an old strat Jukspa, but we came up with something even faster and easier :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately I don’t think it is viable for ss.


Is 23(24) cube runs actually a thing that people do? If so that’s kinda fucking cool.


I plan on running this category for sure, though I don’t wanna do any runs of it before the segmented run is done, I don’t wanna leak any of the new strats we found, and we’ll find a lot of new routes for sure. Though rta runs will use completely different routes, as most of the routes we use are pixel shots or precise luck based cube throws that cannot be done in rta. About the Escape_02, looks like most of you want us to bring the cubes to the cake room, but to make sure we don’t miss anything, please vote here http://strawpoll.me/5510731


What about the outside car park bit?


I really like the idea! But the cake room seems to be a good compromise to me, since all entities that aren’t either with GladOS or in the cake room will be removed by entering the glados’s room. That mean that we need to save the cubes in the cake room anyway, before moving them anywhere else!

EDIT : Forget about that, entites are also preserved within the car park.


Would this help https://youtu.be/lYJJ9RhiyAQ


There is no need to bypass any fizzler in this run :wink: