Portal chamber 13 easy save glitch strat


found a strat for 13 that i think can be ultra fast for in bounds if done correctly. I’m too lazy to edit the demos into a video so here, just have the two demos. The first is the setup for the glitch, the second is the actual glitch (post save)


Here’s a video compiled by the fantastic person below. (Sledepus)

Found out if you fire one more portal at the end it’ll come out with you right at the door which is really pleasant. Got it down to something like 15 seconds. Will record another demo (and this time compile it). Think this could be the new strat for 13.


But not fast…


Bleh ignore that. Misread title.


As you wish.


I recorded the demos for you.

Portal messed up while recording, but it’s still better than having to download the demos then opening it yourself.




I optimized your route a little bit. Here’s a video.

I don’t think it’s faster than the normal rta route but I’m too lazy to time it.


Dude. Cool.


More optimization.


Too many portals. I feel like it could be faster. I have a theory to make it even faster using xy bump but I havnt had a chance to test it.

Will record that tonight. (In about 8 hours)


even more optimization
saves about a second over toten’s




I made a comparison here. The saveglitch is about 1 second slower


Must. Make. This. Start. Faster.


I think maybe if you make the last shot the other colour (the colour of the save glitch portal), and jump as you shoot, you can just shoot in front of you instead of walking around, but I can’t tell if you’d be in front of or behind the portal off the top of my head. Would need testing. ::slight_smile:


I’ve done it and it works. I just think I may have a better idea. I swear I’ll record it tonight (if its better). If not I’ll just (possibly do a double post) post again saying it was a letdown.


Imanex’s segment from PDUF is insanely good and I doubt anyone can even come close to that in a run so keep that in mind. For example Fnzzy’s gold split is 1.3 seconds slower in that map.


Ok. We’ll see. I play Oob so I’m looking for something FAST. And I’ll keep working on this map till I’m content with it. I’m just trying to keep it inbounds for everyone else out there.


If you’re doing oob then under elevator is faster, second fastest is probably just some clipping glitch strat from 2012.


I refuse to do under ele. It’s garbage, and (in my opinion) ruins the fun of running. My personal goal is to beat je suis une carotte without using under ele (so if you have any cool strats lemmie know)