Portal 2 SS rules?


I have an small interest in doing a Single Segment run of portal 2, but I have few a questions. What are the rules regarding SS runs? Can I quicksave/load? What are ways to prove it is SS? When does time start/stop? Any response would be great. Thanks in advance.


Time starts/loads exactly as it would in a segmented. To do a SS, you simply have to keep ALL footage from the beginning to the end, and no you can’t quisave/load. You can use the autosaves if you die, but then you have to keep the duble footage between the autosave and the death point, which greatly reduces the quality of the run, and makes it a lot less entertaining. Usually you try to never die in a SS, because if you die then it’s a ridiculous amount of time lost in addition to making it less entertaining.


Unless someone thinks of a way of making dying save time…


I would also like to point out that quicksaves/loads ARE allowed, but only if you use them to pull a BSG or save time in a different manner by using them. (so not as a failsafe for that difficult trick)
SDA will plant your SS in a separate category though, should you happen to submit it to them.


Bioshock runs use dying to save time


Yeah, dying usually is useful when a respawn checkpoint puts you ahead of where you died. There’s no such feature in Portal 2.

Unless an autosave gets corrupted for whatever reason.

Anyone know what SDA thinks about suiciding so it loads an autosave right before that difficult trick?


Saving and reloading is useful on sp_a3_jump_intro. There’s a route that saves through the floor with the cube.


I don’t like seeing stuff like that in SS runs, but if others see it as legal…


I personally don’t think saving should be allowed in SS runs, but loading should be. That way you only use the game’s autosave points and can’t use it to your advantage, but you can respawn if you die as long as you keep all footage. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed, since the run is not as good if you do that anyway.


Yeah, I prefer SS without saving and loading myself as well.


SDA have a category called SS /w Resets for this purpose.
In my opinion a true SS shouldn’t use any quick/auto-saves or loadings. Then it’s no longer a single-segment.

Imagine if you have autosaves shortly before hard tricks, then you can confront these really fast and risky without worrying, maybe even die once. But still be faster than a deathless because you’re able to be more direct and aggressive. It becomes another kind of run, thats why I dont like this point of view.


That is true, but abusing a game’s engine is one of the main aspects of speedrunning, and using a greatly placed autosave is part of a game’s engine you can abuse in my opinion. It is true that SS without any loading stand no chance againsts those ones, so I agree that it has to be done in separated categories, but it really is just one more concept to take advantage of.


If you were to run Portal 2 SS, you shouldn’t save IMO. Otherwise, if you use the original version of the game (like me), you can do the button-save-glitch which is a huge timesaver. You should only be able to play straight through the game without saving.

Also, if you are doing an SS, you should use the original version of the game since you can do floor reportaling as compared to Steam’s version.