Portal 2 Least Portal Segmented Run



This is an interesting idea i had about 9 months ago, it was to create a Least portal segmented run of portal 2. At that point i did not really know anybody in the community and i just started it on my own. Over time i Met a lot of the Source runs community mainly the Portal 2 community.

This run has been mainly Me (Jonese1234) and Per0culos, with help from a few people such as Nexus, AJspartan and Zypeh.

The reason i am posting this now and not 8 months ago (ignore the fact i did not know this place about 8 months ago) was the fact i did not know if i was ever going to finish this. And for about a month there was 4 Months of nothingness, where i did not do anything and it had hardly moved past the second chapter. Then Per0culos one day just sent me about 6 demos of amazing sections of the least portals run and this sparked my interest in it once more.

Now this run has a few goals, The main and really the only goal that has to be kept is Beating the game in the Least amount of portals Possible without cheating. The Secondary Goal is doing it in the shortest time possible (aiming for sub 1:30:00). One final goal is just to make it look really nice and smooth.

So how is the Run coming along?

The run is in its very last stages, with only the really hard segments such as pit flings, and laser over goo, pull the rug (more annoying than hard :P) as well as 3 gels and Finale 4. It has finally got to the point where i am rendering the segments ready to create a video.

I really hope everybody is hyped for this awesome segmented run. I don’t know where it is going to be uploaded, but i will be streaming some of the last segments on my TWITCH.

If you want to look at the Time/Portal sheet then click here

I would like to thank you all, and if you have any questions then ask away.


Will be waiting for this! Good luck!


This is quite interesting. I do wonder what ideas you have come up with. Also, why on the timesheet under the portal count column, is only one of the rows red instead of green?


In the comments for that map it says it’s easily improvable with 0 portals, the red could indicate that they intend to redo it.

But I can’t wait for this run, it’ll be really interesting to see what strats you come up with to save portals.


Yea its true that some need redoing thats why they are in red! We have some neat strats for a lot of the least portals making them a lot quicker than normal. And over all it looks very nice!


Is this going to be a reality? It’s been a while…


Seemingly yes.


If someone gets me a new keyboard I’ll render this stuff. Also, I think there’s some missing swagatron demos as of yet, the yoshipro ones are all in the dropbox since I bugged him about it. Regardless, this will take a lot of work. It’s actually kinda funny that kess posted in here, he’s a really good renderer, but it seems like this is simply going to be a huge undertaking regardless of who does it.


Yeah this is done!!