Portal 2 Gameplay Footage?


Fake or real?

Confirmed fake:


Hmm. There’s nothing in there which wouldn’t be possible in Portal 1. I think fake.


Then again it’s possible this early in development that they are still using the same shit they used in Portal 1.


Looks good, but probably fake

Then again it's possible this early in development that they are still using the same shit they used in Portal 1.

Yeah but would they be testing chambers by now? :-\




I think it’s real. The only thing that’s a bit weird would be that it’s leaked footage, and I can’t remember Valve ever having problems with leaked footage before. But then again, there was the leaked Beta incident…


It’s probably not even leaked, it could be a way for them to get more media out to us, they’ve been going for this theme ever since they announced P2. You gotta remember that Valve are some crafty motherfuckers.


“The best partner we could ever have is the customer in terms of distributing games.”

Gabe said something along the lines of that when accepting his award for being a pirate or something. The point is that they have something good going for them in that respect. This method of advertising is certainly more interesting for us than other forms. :smiley:


Award for being a pirate?..

I do agree with that it’s a much more interesting type of advertising, and I am aware of all that weird “marketing” that Valve is doing with Portal 2 - but a leaked video is still something else.


Hmm… Looks like real, but we can’t say it now. I don’t know how portal gun will look, how cubes, etc. I think it’s fake.

Award for being a pirate?...

I think it was award for a pioneer or something. I couldn’t remember so pirate’s just as good. :-\


Confirmed fake:


Hey now! ANYBODY could win the GDC Pioneer Award, but not everybody would deserve an award for being a true pirate!

I guess I was wrong. That’s a nicely designed map though, especially those panels that fold out.


I’m going to take the low road and say I FUCKING KNEW IT.


Aww, damn. Well, it would be silly for Valve to leak a video of their own game. But that guy put a lot of work into that map, those animations, that voice acting, the music, I mean…damn…