Portal 2 exit crash


Hey y’all, I have a crash problem on Portal 2 that I’ve never seen anyone have.

When I exit out of the game with the Windows button, my game hard locks, and when I try to do Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Task Manager, it still doesn’t work because the game thinks that I’m in the game and doesn’t allow me to click anywhere except the taskbar, but I still can’t close Portal 2. I have to restart my computer when this happens.

Can this be fixed?


try navigating the task manager with arrow keys and pressing delete to end Portal 2. If the task manager isn’t selected just alt-tab over to it.
If what your describing is what I think it is, this should work. Had it happen to me a couple times.


Or just this. If it happens often, you might want to just play in windowed mode.


Play the game in Windowed borderless, add -window -noborder to the launch options, it’s basically the same as fullscreen but you have the flexibility of windowed mode.