Portal 2 Done Perfect


Seeing as we decided that we are going to be teaming up with SourceRuns and uploading here, figured I would make a topic for those who don’t know.

Myself (Spyrunite), Znernicus, and A baby have been working on a segmented run for this game for about 9 months now. We are actually really close to finishing it, I would say about 1 month left.

The run is being done on the current version of the game on steam, not the old version. There is another run being done on the old version, which should be a bit faster, but they were taking to long so we are making this. We didn’t want to use the old version of the game because of how hard it is to get, and cause it is annoying to use.




Sounds awesome, can’t wait to see it! Any tantalisingly teasing clips of it?


I can’t wait for this run! ;D

It’s so close to subbing one hour…


I was thinking about doing something, but the run is close enough to being finished that I am not sure it being worth it anymore.


I’m liking what I’m seeing with the demos and stuff! I definitely can’t wait to see this uploaded to our channel.


After watching some of the demos, I can say I am stoked for this run.


Also final time isn’t actually the final time, as some time will be removed due to a demo timing glitch. Guess you guys will just have to wait until we finish editing to see the final time (unfortunately so will I)

Edit: Added more detail to main post


Any news on this run?




2 more segments need to be re-done then we will be good I think. Just minor improvements here and there.


I have started recording it :smiley: 1 or 2 more segments may be redone, but it is pretty much done.


Can’t wait to see it! :smiley:




So, idk what is going on. We are improving it or something. It will come out at some point. I know, you need a shoulder to cry on. Well its a good thing you have 2 shoulders on yourself. Just reach over and cry yourself to sleep.


so… how’s this coming along?


Does anyone know if this is still comming out?
(also are there any segmented runs that beat the 01:07:28 single segment time?)


Who knows at this point? There hasn’t been much in the way of updates.


Do you guys have a spreadsheet of your progress for this run?