'Portal 2 Done Perfect' Name Change Request


Can someone change the name on the SourceRuns homepage banner from ‘Portal 2 Done Perfect’ to ‘Portal 2 Segmented WR’ or something like that? I’ve talked to some Portal 2 speedrunners about it in the past (including Znernicus) and they didn’t like the name (I don’t either); I’ve also heard other runners of other games express some level of dissatisfaction, so a name change is probably a good idea. The information on the SourceRuns wiki page should probably be changed as well.

EDIT: The YouTube video is named ‘Portal 2 - 57:15 - Segmented WR’, so it’s a bit strange how the name here is different from the name of the video.


Each segment was one map I think, so it’s basically Portal 2 Done Quick.