Portal 2 Co-op Planning


Alright, so starting off the co-op thread, Timschoen and I have been messing around primarily in chamber 4, looking for speed tricks with flying to make chambers faster. This is part one of our casual route playthough, obviously not optimized at all, so don’t hate too bad. If anyone is interested in testing other maps with me, I’m available basically all the time, especially now that summer is starting soon. Hit me up.

PS, how do I embed video? >_>


We’re still working on a feature to embed Youtube videos, but anyway, that’s really cool, I look forward to seeing what you guys make of this!


So I just posted this on SDA but I want it here also because this seems more of a co-op thing.

You have to crouch jump into the turret and then let go of it just as you enter it…it’s a little strange but you should get the timing pretty quickly.


I have some really great stuff for course 5. Will be posting as soon as I get someone to help me with recording it all.


ExplodingCabbage and I have been working on Course 1+2 and have found some great things with them. Will try and get some routes/runs recorded asap.


I think this is what we should work off for course 4 finale:

EDIT: nevermind, this is how it’s done:


This last route is pure awesomeness.


Fuck thinking with portals. Speedrunners think with glitches. <3
Really nice.


Sweet route, but I do see some improvements. I’ll try explaining, but it’s pretty hard. While you’re busy getting the flying glitch, wouldn’t it be better for your partner to place one portal at your height, and one at the panel you’re supposed to let the funnel come through (the one around the corner)? This would save flying around a corner, and as you can simply replace it it would also save backtracking. Also, reportaling seems to work on vertical portals whilst flying, so you should use it to gain some extra speed.


mp_coop_paint_bridge :smiley:


Okay, here’s some co-op routes by me and Inexistence:


Note the button glitch; if player 2 jumps on and off a button quickly, sometimes the game will act as though the button is still pressed.


Note the gesture skip.

mp_coop_laser_2 (first room):

Nothing too clever here, but this portal placement is faster than the more obvious ones.


Two big things to note. Thing one is that you can grab a cube through the delivery tube at the seams (is this possible on any other levels?). Thing two is that one player on their own can hit both levers to open the door that is meant to require both of you.

First room:

A theoretical route here. We reckon it should be possible to get the cube to land on the button.
Second room:

Just airstrafing to avoid landing on AFPs when the game intends you to.


At the start, you just need to deliver two button presses in quick succession to open the door. They don’t actually have to be on different buttons.
After that you see the reportal trick being used to reach the AFP.


A couple of tricks here. Firstly, you can drop from an ExFu onto the railing and from there strafejump onto the portalable surface in the centre of the water to gain faster access to the room with the button. Secondly, we pull off a neat ball throw through a portal and catch it with the ExFu to get it to the laser faster.


I did these all by myself, where I was controlling both bots. They could be done faster but I’m not very speedy myself normally, especially when I’m just testing theories I have.

[s]mp_coop_paint_speed_fling side one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtfwnG7OV8M

same map, side two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahsSeyc7zo[/s]

These first two are no good. There already existed a faster route that I hadn’t seen when I just checked the map name on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hbGVHRqKWM&feature=player_embedded

mp_coop_paint_walljump: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4sGUUNqFVE

mp_coop_paint_speed_catch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-jvAkq1CiI

mp_coop_wall_5: http://www.mediafire.com/?a686f9r419e8706
Just a quick little timesaver I found. Since that door is open anyways you only need 1 person up there and only having 1 person up there will also keep the gesture from triggering. It may be possible to make it on top of the light fixture in 1 reportal if you jump into it. Maybe jump off a crouched partner.

Also any chance we could get each map for co-op in it’s own thread, like how sp maps are? Because if we just use this thread then its going to become a big jumbled mess of links and posts and no one will be able to ever find anything.




I support that, too.


Anyone can make threads :wink:


Including you. :wink:


Touche, however it would probably be a good idea for someone who it keeping up with everything to make them so they can be updated appropriately


You’re not keeping up 'cause you’re never on IRC. ಠ_ಠ


Mobility Gels Chamber 2 Route:

Also, me and Adzicents ran some other Mobility Gel chambers.

Here they are:
Chamber 4:

Chamber 6:

Chamber 7:

Chamber 8:

We have the chamber 3 route also however it’s so trivial. I might just post it tomorrow for those that haven’t seen the shot on the ceiling surface for part 2.


I have no idea of it, but can we create child boards in the coop-board? that would be awesome, one for every course or something like that.