Portal 2 built on Alien Swarm Engine?



You should probably know that Valve released Portal 2 to download for the users, who pre-ordered the game. However, you cant launch it yet. A friend of mine managed to launch it by modifying 2 files of Portal 2 (dont know which ones exactly). I asked him what engine does the game use, and he answered that it’s probably built on Alien Swarm engine.

So, if this is true, it means that the Portal 2 wont have bunnyhop/abh? Keep your fingers crossed.


You’re worried about the wrong glitches. ABH was only very slightly useful in the Portal 1 run. Every other OOB glitch was the best thing in the world.


No way they’ll have left the OoB glitches in.

Also, if there’s a way of playing Portal 2 early. Give.


I dont actually have Portal 2 pre-ordered, and I dont even know how could you launch it. Here is my friend’s Steam Profile. Ask him. Im also not sure if this is legal or VAC safe. Use it at your own risk :smiley:


No, its not, its the other way around. Alien Swarm is built off a branch of the Portal 2 engine.


I’m not going to risk it. I have enough problems with Valve even when I’m trying to do legit stuff.

Forget things that they never meant me to do.

Forget things that they never meant me to do.

HA, Did I really type that?


How could he have possibly been able to launch it, decrypting a game like this would take so much work.


Lets ask Foust.




You don’t decrypt the files, there is some thing that you can do where you change the AppID of some other game so it looks like you are running Portal 2 but you are really running something else.


Eh? I tried opening a lot of the files myself, including the .txt’s. Are you sure about this?


Isn’t that a lot of re-wiring?

I have some idea of how it would work but… not enough of an idea…


I’ve been in the new Valve ARG chat a lot. And as soon as someone mentions it, they reject it immediately.

Basically if you see anyone playing Portal 2 they’re probably trollin’.


1 days, 08:30:32 to Portal 2 release :smiley: (Assuming the GLaDOS@home stuff works out to plan)


The progress will only get slower the longer it goes on. There’s no way it will be “booted” ahead of time. ~24 hours ago we were like 20 hours ahead of schedule, today only 9 hours.

And right now, ~40 mins after your post it’s already 1 day 15h until release.


And now it’s 5 hours. Still, can’t wait to play it tomorrow morning.


Mine says 15h. ???


15h until the “planned” deadline.

check http://cpucount.zapto.org/ for current deadline.


No, I was talking about the gap.


PORTAL 2 IS OUT! :d CooL, go test the glitches nao.