Portal 2 - 014


Hi SR,

Some of you (might) know that there has been a portal 2 speed run in the making for a while now using the old BSG version. The runners/people directly contributing are myself, Pocky, Imanex, Nuclear, Adzicents, lemonsunshine.

I’ve recently been working on some of the final reruns for chambers we needed that weren’t complete and am satisfied with what we have. So far there are around 5 chambers that still need to be completed some of which are extremely difficult. If anyone wishes to contribute to the final run by completing any of these chambers let me know here.

Also we’ll probably need someone to help with the capturing, editing and rendering of the video.



Nevermind… Just disregard this thread since the team has come together and working on the run.

Not long now.


Can’t wait!


Wow. I didn’t know that this was happening. Very interesting indeed.


How far are you guys in the run?