Port Forwarding on Win7 issue



I’m having this issue, and I think something in my system is causing it. Maybe one of you guys could help me?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to open a certain port (27015) on my router, but it doesn’t seem to work with my PC. The problem is, the ports remain closed on my PC which has Windows 7 running, but the same ports are working fine in another machine that has Windows XP running and is connected to the same router.

I’ve tried lots of things - disabling firewalls, Anti-Virus firewalls, adding firewall rules, enabling/disabling DMZ and all kinds of stuff like that. Nothing seems to work.

I’m using this tool to determine if the port is opened or closed:

Here’s what router settings look like:


Try disabling RDP, that -might- do something. Beyond that, I’m not sure.