Please help us route this! (Conversion Intro)


If you are hoping to help the Portal 2 challenge mode community and have a couple hours to ponder some route ideas and help us solve this, look no further!

We’re working on trying to come up with a way to do a ‘super reportal’ in conversion intro in a way that is challenge-mode friendly (no saves or loads). Here’s some videos of glitches which might help

Jesustf2’s tutorial/description

Way later, Neksus was able to find a way to become stuck in certain spots with the use of portals in walls, floors, and with no saving/loading to boot

Here are more examples from him

Here’s my overall video on what I believe to be everything I know so far about going for finding a route for this

There’s no need to make this trick faster than the current route atm. This is just in hopes that we can eventually find a way to skip the middle part of the chamber so more can be done with it in the future, if not just to know whether it’s possible or not. Thank you!


Last night I couldn’t really sleep, and I had the cunning idea that maybe being partially through the portal and then replacing the ramp portal in a way that you become stuck would leave you stuck in the ramp longer. It really doesn’t help, and it only seemed to leave me in for one more reportal, if that. I’ll post more replies when I come up with new ideas that I subsequently have to say doesn’t work.