Playing Blue Shift/Opposing Force using NGHL?


I’m having trouble getting Blue Shift and Opposing Force working on NGHL. dunno if its even possible When I try to switch it Blue Shift, it crashes with NO error message. When I try to switch to Opposing Force, it crashes saying, SDL2.dll doesn’t exist on your computer. Could you help me, oh master of Gold Source?

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Not sure about Blue Shift, but you should just install that .dll on the off-chance it fixes it anyway.


Just to let you know, I have no idea if anything i’ve done so far is right, I copied both bshift and gearbox folders into the NGHL folder, and then just copied the dll it said i was missing into the same directory. Results: Now both games are crashing when i switch to them. >:( joy. Cant tell you anything more than that, unless there is a crash log somewhere.

EDIT: Now it won’t boot, great. Keeps saying, “the specified video mode isn’t supported, switch to software mode?” and yes pops up the window, however i am unable to switch to it and cancel exits the program.

EDIT 2: Turns out all Half-Life games are messed up, all the ones from steam boot in a LOW (like 320x200) resolution, and NGHL as well.

Edit 3: Finally got NGHL and the Half-Life’s working again, now, How do I make it so that i can play Opposing Force and Blue Shift in NGHL?


I am not sure what to do about that, but why do you want them on NGHL?


You can’t play Opposing Force and Blue Shift with NGHL.


You can play BS and OF on NGHL. I have it working on mine :slight_smile:


You probably have Protocol 47 BS and OP4, do you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. I took the GCF’s i have from steam and put them to good use :smiley:


Could you send me your blue shift GCF files? That would be handy since I’m avoiding Steampipe and the only GCF missing is BS.


I want them on NGHL so I can have my Bunnyhop and other stuff. Can’t bhop on the steam-pipe version. And if I cant get BS and OF on NGHL, whats the change game button for???


Mainly for mods


:o :o Does that mean I have to play a game from Valve, the RIGHT WAY??!??! :o :o

Also, how then would I set it up, say, if I want to speedrun either BS or OP4? To get Bhop and the other millions of glitches in the games? Because there’s a speed cap on BS and OP4 as well.


You would need a WON version that doesn’t have a bunnyhop cap.


Yeah, bunnyhop cap is in client and server DLLs, not in the engine. Getting newest version running on NGHL wouldn’t take the bhop cap away. There’s another way of doing it, but that one’s still in development. : p