PHP errors on wiki


Every time I get on I get this:


Oh and it doesn’t let me to log in.


I’ve forwarded this to the appropriate people, is it fixed for you now by any chance?


No (7:51 PM UTC)


I remember someone mentioning this to me a while back but never heard much more about it/dig in to it.

Looking at the code I can’t see why it isn’t working (But alas, PHP). Do you happen to be using any browser addons that do stuff with cookies or anything? I just tried it and can reproduce the first one when trying to log out of the wiki, but not the second one. Presuming that happens when you try to log in?

I suspect this is to do with the recent(-ish) upgrade I did to the forums, and the fact that the bridge for user integration with the wiki hasn’t been updated in several years…

Will need to look deeper into it.

Hah, I lied. Was updated the other month. Trying it now.


That someone was probably me. I had an issue with logging in to the Wiki so I circumvented it by making an alternate account for editing the wiki.

Can’t exactly remember what the issue was but I don’t have it anymore.


that user description though… 11/10