Phase 2 map times



ep2_outland_012:04TYPICAL + ridd3r + Inexistence6
ep2_outland_01a1:06Inexistence + TYPICAL + CZF5



Figured I should make an overview table for the segments again so here we go.

Technically there is no phase 1 run available. Should we just go ahead and use DemonStrate’s route demos for this? Then again, I don’t really think we necessarily need demos to compare our times against.


Good to know we have this again :D.

I know that Fox was working ages ago on a Phase 1 video, just taking Demon’s demos and compiling them into one video, not sure of any progress on that, but I’d think we could take Phase 1 times from that.




What estimated time would be for the whole EP2 speedrun?


Like 30 minutes. Really depends on how long the cut scene’s at white forest end up taking. Altogether they’re like 10 minutes. :frowning:


Okay, after a long period of inactivity I think our pace or motivation might be slowly picking up again (at least mine is). The first map (ep2_outland_01) is done and the demos are posted above. The final time should be 2 minutes and 4 seconds if I didn’t miscalculate. As we’re not submitting the run to SDA we don’t have to think about segmentation penalties anymore either. We’re now on to ep2_outland_01a.

I decided to compose the movie of the run as we move along with it instead of starting the compositing when the last map is done. That way it will be possible to release the video a lot sooner after finishing the run. Additionally, I plan to post a clip of every completed map so that people who don’t have EP2 or our preupdate version installed can follow our progress a little better. The first clip I will post also includes the game intro. I’m capturing the clips with Source’s built-in tools rather than 3rd party software like Fraps or Camtasia. The format I chose is 1080p40. As for the intermediate clips, I decided to resize those to 720p40 to save some space on my Dropbox account. Lastly, you might notice that there is no HDR and just a very discreet amount of motionblur in the clips. This is by choice because I think that both features do not really add to the visual quality of the movie (or the game itself for that matter). I think HDR is way overdone in the Source engine and also makes segment changes too visible due to the brightness adaptation at the beginning of every new demo. If anyone feels the movie needs HDR and/or MB no matter what I guess you’ll have to record the run again by yourself.

Due to the nature of Source’s demo system there will almost always be visible breaks in the flow of the movie. These are mainly caused by HUD updates that are sent to the server when a client starts recording a demo. In order to hide the problem a little bit I created empty weapon fonts to avoid that you get the weapon pickup symbol to the right of the screen when a demo starts. I also tried to locate the original sound files in the GCF files that may have been cut off when a demo was stopped. This also includes replacing sound files of ammo pickups that are audible at the beginning of each segment. Moreover I noticed that it can be beneficial sometimes to cut out some frames of the demo entirely or use short fades between segments.

In many situations these measures really improve the viewing experience in my eyes. In other situations we’ll simply face problems that are impossible to circumvent (a good example are the last two segments of the first map - 1. segmenting while ABH’ing - 2. segmenting while or at the end of wall-climbing). I reckon the biggest problems occur when the segmentation is done in full ABH motion because there’ll be large gaps in the player’s trajectory due to the delay of starting/stopping the demo recording process. I tried to solve this problem here by crossfading the two consecutive segments 4 and 5.

I also tried to add an HL2-style playerbar. The font definitely needs some tweaking as I couldn’t figure out the exact settings Valve uses to render the font ingame. I might add an animation as well when the player changes so it’s more obvious when it happens. I’m not sure about the position of the bar yet. I might try to place it next to the flashligh symbol to see if it’s more discreet that way.

I think that’s all for now. Happy reading!


Foust is a god.


Added the first part of the video in the first post (it’s linked to the map name). Unfortunately I used the wrong demo of segment 6 so I will redo that part of the video. I already added the correct demo to the demo archive though.


Very nice vid by foust :wink:


Indeed very nice video of ep2_outland_01, smooth.

Amazing run so far, gj :>


The font is in the game files, you know.

The font is in the game files, you know.

Y’know the next thing they’re going to ask is where right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually the font is Verdana which every Windows install offers… The problem is that you can’t reproduce what they do to the font internally via a third party program. I already tried to display the player name using demoui, but I can’t get it to show up. Could someone else give it a try maybe?


I’d help if I wasn’t a lazy fuck.


Updated the topic with a clip of outland_01a, the demos, time, runners, and segments. As mentioned in the map topic, if you object to the last two segments, go improve them. Otherwise I’ll move on to outland_02.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the clip transitions are, as usual, not very nice and thus pretty obvious. There’s nothing I can do about it as it’s an issue with the engine and demo recording.


Would it be possible to save the game and stop demo a second later. At least between segments within same map. So that the demos will overlap each other slightly, then do the best of it in a video editor?

HL2 transitions makes me a sad viewer.


Better stop recording together with save and then immediately start a new one and keep that running for a sec. That way you get to read demo time + If you discover your video skills screw you over, you don’t got loose material to work with.


I currently have mouse4 bound to stopping the demo and saving the game. I’ll give it a shot to also start recording a new demo after saving. One of the problems I see though is that it seems to be possible to change your position to a certain extend while a save game is loading. The demo recording process, however, starts when you gain actual control. For instance, when I would load the last save and not press any keys I would end up in the “barnacle room”. If during loading I would press shift+s (backwards sprinting through the little gap I used) by the time I could actually see where I was I was almost almost on the other side of the gap. If not that then at least the involuntary mouse movements were translated. That seems to be why the view angle changes so abruptly between the last two segments.

I’ll experiment a little with this. I always wondered how turre (I think it was turre) managed to get these great segment transitions in his HL2 canals run.


Alright, moving on to outland_05. The first segment is 3 seconds longer than previously assumed because I now used the proper savegame. The time of the second segment of outland_02 is identical to the one that I had before – the one we couldn’t use. Video should be up in a minute. Enjoy!