Phase 1


I think we now have everything we needed - we got a sub-forum, gathered some runners, and Cameron:D made us a nice Time Sheet (big thanks)

The Phase 1 run has started!
Current map: d1_trainstation_01

There might be some time loss on some maps, where bunnyhop is faster than ABH. I think we should’nt bother about that in P1, but we will definitely try making it faster in P2

List of confirmed runners:

Just post in this topic if you want to join the run as well. Also, if you see someone willing to run un SDA, invite them over!


I don’t think we should worry too much about the Phase 1 time. As long as we’re able to complete the routes, we should ignore times.

Everyone should run every segment. You often need more than one person’s perspective to find all the crazy routes possible.

The more the merrier. I say if they want to join, they may. But I say they’d have to join source runs, so that the run is made entirely by “the source runs team” (though it doesn’t matter that much to me. If you guys are fine with them freelancing I will be too.)

I think a topic for each map is essential. We need a place to gather all routes, segments, tricks and whatnot.


Anyone else’s thoughts?

I kinda agree with getting more people, but we cant just let running for everyone. I think there should be something that would test their execution of various techniques…


If someone’s faster than you, that’s true whether or not they can circlejump, or they can wallstrafe blind through a vent. I agree anyone should be allowed to run. If someone’s good enough, they’re probably gonna join us regardless, just because it’s useful. If not, awesome, we have a cool cameo :smiley:


Aye, didnt think about that. I assume we should create a topic about the run in SDA and hope someone will join :slight_smile:

I suggest start running next week.


Why next week? I’ve got the game installed as we speak, and I’m ready to go!


Theres a holiday now (In Lithuania we dont have Halloween, but its something related to it) and Im away, so I dont want to miss anything :smiley:

Anyway, its just a suggestion, and while waiting, you can practice routes and abh :slight_smile:


When we create topics for each map, should we do it in this sub-forum or another one? I say we keep all discussions about the run as a whole here, but map-specific discussions in another sub-forum.

Also, where is the goddamn trigger that gets these 3 people moving? I sometimes hit it randomly, but it would seem the faster I get to this area, the more often they stay put. img dem


Ye, we need another subforum for maps :smiley:

I guess you can now edit my initial post and write a confirmed runners list and another speedrun-related info.


Daily progress report!? :-*


Here’s a practice run Of d1_trainstation_01 map:


We can use the same route that was used in HL2DQ, since there’s not much you can do in this map, just grab the chinese take-out box, use it to tap Barney to his node point at the end of the hall, switch to the book, viola. Teleporting in e15 (or Engine 15 (or the orange box engine)) is harder than in vHL2 since the prop has a tendency to stop colliding with the NPC.


Make that way harder*

Oh, and by the way, it seems S found the answer to my question.

7:41 PM - S.: been messing with showtriggers_toggle and noclip
7:41 PM - S.: found three triggers which make those dudes walk
7:41 PM - S.: but if you touch 2 of them too fast after each other they bug out

This means we can’t just simply go as fast as possible, unless we grab an object to wallclimb over them. This could actually be viable though.

But let’s move this discussion to the map-specific forum that CooL so kindly set up for us.


So does Phase 1 mean “looking for a quick route” and Phase 2 mean “linking the fastest into a proper run”


Pretty much. In phase 1 we find the fastest routes, and also find out which objects and weapons we really need for future segments etc. In phase 2 we just run everything as fast as possible.

Without a phase 1 run there’s a chance you’ll later in the run realize you should have grabbed an object a couple of segments ago, or that you missed the last rocket launcher etc. Imagine if we had run the entire canals part only to realize too late that we need the air boat to be able to continue. 8)


Is it time for Phase 2? :smiley:


We need to go over a few things first.

  1. What kind of scripts and tools are we allowed to use?
  2. What difficulty should we play on?
  3. Should we share our Phase 2 videos on youtube and demos in a public forum, or should we keep them a bit more secret? Maybe just share them privately on youtube, or just upload demos in a non-public sub forum?
  4. Everyone needs to know how to segment, record and save properly (someone make a guide please?)

There are probably more things to discuss before starting that I can’t think of right now. If you have any questions or so regarding the run, this would be the time to ask them.


1: since were not uploading to SDA just use the regular scripts like AHK and wallclimb.

2: we should play on Hard, just like all other good HL2 speed runs

3: I think we should keep it all private, no sense spoiling alot of the awesome tricks we do.

4: I would love a guide on that.

  1. What Matmo said.
  2. Well, p1 was on hard difficulty, so most of the routes are designed to run on hard.
  3. I think we should post the demos, and keep them public in the forum, but not youtube.

Alright, renaming this topic to phase 2.


so no privite, unlisted videos?