Phase 1

We can't take too much damage when going down that elevator.

Anyway. Demo of me doing that bridge gap without having the extra boost from the fall.

Okay. The main point of the demo was to suggest going down the left side of the elevator cause the last demo of it I saw was you collision boosting out of the water. The question is whether we can or can not sacrifice any health at all for the sake of a little extra speed. Either way I doubt it’s possible to do the water gap at all so the speed gain would only help getting over the small one.

Bold part: Are you hitting the right trigger? The grey-square-thingy high above the ramp? I think I saw images of the trigger that I posted 4 years ago in DemonStrates "Phase 1 pack". I also posted a demo called "cartjumptotrigger" that shows the VOB-trick (but that demo doesn't work for me for some reason).

I see what you mean now. Didn’t notice the little grey boxes. Anyway, I see multiple problems with it. First of all, since air control is so limited when doing a VOB, the cart would have to be very close to the trigger. And both triggers are located on the other side of the chamber. Getting the cart out of its lane and below one of the triggers takes a hell lot of time. I tried pushing the cart below the trigger to the left of the ladder and VOB’ed into it. Obviously I died when falling down again, but the trigger didn’t even load the next level :S Here are the demos for it (very unspectacular though).

Yeah… Normally when you hit that trigger properly the game teleports you where the cart was so you don’t end up using the map trigger again. Since we didn’t hit the triggers in the right order it doesn’t do that. :-\ So not only do we have to be luckly enough to vob that high and air control to the right space but also we need to be lucky enough to make sure the right map is loaded once we’ve got out of that trigger. The other way we could do it is find out whether there is any way we can actiavate that teleport trigger once we’ve hit the map trigger. I’ll see whether I can get source working in hammer and see what happens where and why.

EDIT: There is no way of getting teleported back onto the floor of the chamber after hitting that changelevel trigger unless. We need someone to get awesome at VOB so we can survive the landing. :-\

Bonus demo:
Bonus demo2:

Just to clarify, when I wrote “broken-bridge-jump” I meant the broken bridge that goes over the canal. Like I said I’ve never tried that jump so that’s why your “demo0” makes me very happy TYPICAL! :smiley: Great to see that jump in HLS!

In response to your “snark_climb_to_nade_boost” demo - although this is a more general topic: I’ve been messing around with snarks for a while and noticed that they effect the player very differently in HLS than i HL. In the original HL the snarks lets you gain height slowly and methodically (as seen in the speedruns) - in HLS the snarks lets you gain height fast and aggressivly. When done right, it’s not snarkclimbing but rather snarkboosting! Snarks could very well be the “nadejump replacer” that we’ve been looking for since the vertical boost is pretty massive.

Snarkboosting demos

The best way is to drop the snark straight down just as you’re landing a jump on top of them, if done right the snark will run move underneath you and if won’t “escape”. Then when you start AHK-jumping the snark hits you over and over again. It could very well be that snarkboosting doesn’t have a height-limit either, but those demos show the highest jumps I’ve managed to get - I got that height many times but I never got any higher than that, so maybe that is the limit?.. testing is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

How the hell did you survive the fall at full speed? At least now we know that it’s possible to jump the gap although it might be the hardest segment in the entire run ;>

Yeah… I should have clarified. I was using god and sv_airaccelerate 100. I just did it for a bit of fun and thought I would share it. :-\

I may try doing it without though. :smiley:

EDIT: But the more I try it the closer I get…


Damn, we’re getting closer and closer with that bridge, wish you’d tell us you were cheating with this stuff before hand though.

As for snark boosting, I’ve learned that putting 2 snarks down usually does the trick, once one is down, it tries to walk off, but if you throw another one down, they will both start attacking you for some reason, thus boosting you up higher, and when they start to fall, they collide with each other, thus making them keep trying to attack you, so you can basically get as high as you’d like before they explode.…dem

This was done with sv_airaccelerate. The point behind this was that you can do it with the given speed from that ramp so if we managed to do it perfectly with regular airaccelerate then we can do it. I know it so I’m going to save my patience for when we try to do it in the run. :smiley:


I swear I would have fucking made it if it wasn’t for that piece of jelly. >:(

Yep, there’s no doubt this will be the hardest part of this run :\

I was practicing the other day with landing in the grinder, then trying to jump the gap with the speed the grinder gives you without changing any console values, no luck there either. If we can’t make this jump, we always have VOB.

The part with the tank where you’re in the sewers.

The tank in the sewers? What chapter is that on? Or better, when is SW there in his run?

Nice work on trying to make that jump Typical! :slight_smile: I really hope (and think) that it is possible, albeit super-hard… otherwise we know that VOB will do the trick and I’m pretty confident that the hold/push-trick with those wodden boxes would work as well. You hit the ramp at ~700 in speed and the hold/push-trick gives more than that so it should do the trick. That being said; making the jump without these tricks is what we’re aiming for.

“Forget about Freeman!” :>

I still don’t know where you’re talking about but I’m sure someone will just post a demo at any rate. :slight_smile:

I’ll get one tomorrow.

That push trick could be used to replace some of the nade jumps we use around the tentacles. It would be a really good idea as a lot of the nade boosts cause us to try and pick us up extra health later on in the run. If we don’t have to do this it would save a lot of time.

Yeah, I’ve already started looking for places where the push trick could be useful in other places, so far, nothing :expressionless:

To be honest I don’t won’t to waste energy on finding out whether it’s possible or not to replace some of those nade jumps. Especially in these dark times.

We should probably talk about ways of getting around grunts as they’re a big problem for me when I’m just running casually through the game. Are we going to kill the quickly or somehow abuse nades?

I’m having tons of trouble trying to do c2a5b. The only way I’ve been able to do it so far is to camp a bit to kill all the grunts. Any ideas?'s/c2a5b(attempt)_phase1.dem

Try Tau-Reflect boosting.

It’s not getting out of the pit which is the problem. It’s the grunts absolutely raping me once I do. I should have probably conserved more health from other places. :-\

Bad news guys.
Today I was experimenting with the level change trigger at the top of the chamber, and this isn’t going to work. First of all, it’s going to be extremely hard to find a way to land without dying, but you have very little aircontrol in HL:S, so you can’t just land on a sloped surface. Secondly, if you do manage to safely make it to the ground, you’re weapons won’t show up for the rest of the game, and firing the Tau Cannon causes the game to crash. I’m getting F3 and MenteR to look into this, hopefully, they can help us, but our chances of getting this to work without screwing up the game are extremely slim.

Might be because it uses the changelevel2 trigger rather than the normal way of changing maps. (Is that the normal, I don’t even…). It’s probably because you drop the HEV suit when it happens.