Phase 1 map times


Using this text format is horribly outdated, I made a Google Doc instead. -S.

old post:
Map name…Time (Phase 1)…Runner
Total time…


PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_01.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_01a.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_02.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_03.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_04.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_05.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_06.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_06a.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_07.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_08.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_09.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_10.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_10a.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_11.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_11a.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_11b.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_12.bsp
PENDING: (fs) ep2_outland_12a.bsp

Umm, those are the maps listed by the console… so i dont know what 01o is, and you definitely need 10a, at least. I dont know the other ones yet, because ive only done some minor planning for Ch6 as of now. Another note: So far, ive skipped 03, and 04. I havent found anyone else doing any routing yet… so, if anyone else wants to give it a go, that would be great to get some others involved in planning. Thanks.


Decided to sticky this. Demon, any chance you want to upload the demos if you still have them, so we can get the times for each map? We can put them in this topic for when we start the run :D.


Sure. I can do that. I don’t know if they are playable… as the engine has been updated since then. Where should I upload them to?


Wherever you like. Filefront I guess. Maybe we should see about trying to implement what the old hl2dq team had, the public upload system? Though maybe a passworded one. I dunno.

Maybe if they aren’t playable it’d just be better to nick the times from the Youtube videos? I guess it doesn’t make much difference, though demos I think would be preferable if they can be played, since we can slow stuff down and watch it and everything :smiley:


I just looked and it seems that I realized they aren’t playable a while ago and put a ton of demos into a folder called “Protocol v11 Demos”. That means you’d need an old version of the game to play those demos. I don’t really know where you would get that at this point. Maybe they would play with a release version of the game? I could test it out at some point.


What if we found an old torrent of Ep2?


We should really break out of the old torrent habit that we’ve been getting into. :wink:


I’m happy to report that the demos play perfectly in the release version of the game. You can find it on whatever torrent site you want. I have uploaded them here:

Edit: Oh, the rar contains all the demos and the saves. The demos are properly named, but the saves are not. I don’t know if you all care.


Ah well. At least Inex is motivated and passionate.


Shit, that torrent needs re-uploading.


Edited the OP with information. Also I guess this is not so much phase 1 times.


It might as well be.