Person of Interest - EP2 Mod speedrun


Here at SourceRuns, as you might already know, we’ve started taking speedrun submissions. Almost three weeks later, we’ve finally got our first submission - a segmented speedrun of a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod “Person of Interest”, beaten in 2:23 by Rama! Congratulations!

Done in 54 segments, this run is a lot more than you’d expect! Tons of ABH launches, damage boosts and even going Out of Bounds!

Enjoy, and keep submitting your runs!


The gravgun boxboosting was great, the 2nd one was jawdropping.

Really creative slopejump off of the van, though I’m not a HL2 runner, overall the movement seems really well optimized. Of course the OoB stuff as always is pretty awesome too, especially near the end when he flies back into the map with a nadeboost, don’t know how that works but it looks really impressive.

Simply badass.


Sweet run. Segment transitions could have been smoother but I understand that stuff is difficult. Is there a 60 fps download available?


This run is absolutely awesome, great job Rama! Those stucklaunches are mental :smiley:

By the way, the title of this post might require some attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I’m not good at handling things today :stuck_out_tongue: