PC Geometry Wars


Has anyone played this? It’s a great (and free) PC version of Geometry Wars:Download here (3.2 MB)Don’t forget to post any hiscores. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really suck, will play more tomorrow. I was only able to get up to 40k. Too much going on at once for me. And I forget to use my bombs, although if I’m dying that early it probably doesn’t matter.


998 070 in 16min 43secIt’s hard when you lose a life :slight_smile:


1,885,617 in 0:30:03 :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve found a good strategy for getting big points:Once the black holes appear, let them absorb as many enemies as possible. Prevent them from exploding by shooting them to keep their size down. Once a black hole has absorbed a huge amount of enemies, destroy it with your bullets for big points.One time, I managed to get about 100,000 pts from a single black hole by doing this.


Then do you get 20 powerups?


No, just points afaik. BTW, I’ve noticed if you get a huge run of points by destroying a pack of enemies very quickly, then extra life tokens will often appear.EDIT: I correct myself, sometimes lots of powerups DO appear when you destroy ‘filled’ black holes, but not as many as 20 though. I’ve never really noticed them before because it gets too hectic.New score as well, see above^ :stuck_out_tongue:


Play on hard and you get black holes sooner. The only problem is they suck up more enemies, and more enemies come after you. That and sometimes there are 4 or 5 blackholes at once. =P


Hm, I don’t know what I was thinking, playing it on medium. The mayhem that begins once you’ve scored a few 100k on medium appears to start straight away on hard. I’ve found my new home. :PEDIT: Just had 3 fat black holes ‘interact’ with each other on hard mode. The resulting gravity well took up nearly half the playing area. :lol:


Woot !2 665 084 in 54min 56sec !!!


Anybody got any scores for hard? Here’s mine, don’t know if that’s good, but it got first place. Once you start dying that’s pretty much the end because they take away powerups. It’s hard to let the black holes suck much up too, too much stuff going after you while you try to keep the black hole a reasonable size.


Wow, nice score Hlook. Nearly 1 hour! :oDon’t have any great scores for hard atm; still working on it. BTW, I just read somewhere that if you get a black hole to suck up about 1000 enemies, then destroying it will get about 2 million pts.Also found the official gridwars 2 thread:http://www.yakyak.org/viewtopic.php?t=49122EDIT:3,155,497 on medium in 0:47:30. :stuck_out_tongue:1,127,759 on hard in 0:16:19.


I give up.